UGMC|CSR , Ghana Infectious Disease Centre get support on Val’s Day

UGMC|CSR , Ghana Infectious Disease Centre get support on Val’s Day

Kasapreko Company Limited has donated 450 Packs of Awake Mineral Water and assorted drinks produced by the company to doctors and nurses of University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC) and Ghana Infectious Disease Center, Ga East Municipal Hospital.

The donations were made in the spirit of Valentines Day this year and also forms part of Kasapreko’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts targetted at the current COVID-19 global pandemic.

“Management is determined to play an active and lasting role in Ghana’s fight against the pandemic by strengthening the country’s health system and supporting the frontline workers in these trying times,” Kasapreko Marketing Manager Evans Kwofie said.

“Kasapreko considered the gesture as part of the company’s social responsibility towards our homeland Ghana.”

The gesture is expected to serve as a major shot in the arm for the health workers with the growing toll of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in the country. Both hospitals’ administration and representatives of the doctors and nurses expressed deep gratitude for the gesture.

UGMC Chief Executive Officer Dr Darius Osei expressed appreciation to Kasapreko Company Limited for the donation, confident that the variety of products donated will go a long way to contribute towards the bid to fight coronavirus disease which has become a global pandemic.

Also present at the programme was renowned Ghanaian gospel songstress Ohemaa Mercy, who visited patients at the OPD (Out Patients Department) to share words of encouragement and thank the doctors and nurses for their immense sacrifice and selfless support in fighting COVID-19

Meanwhile, at the Ga East Municipal Hospital, Dr Joseph Oliver Commey, in charge of the Ghana Infectious Disease Centre received the items on behalf of management and expressed profound gratitude to Kasapreko or their benevolence.

Kasapreko continues to strive to create a sustainable and socially responsible business model that serves the interest of the community.