Launch of the Aistiphi Business League, Africa’s first corporate CSR community

Launch of the Aistiphi Business League - Africa’s first corporate CSR community

Philanthropy Space and AISTIPHI launch the Aistiphi Business League – an official CSR community for Ghana The new Aistiphi Business League community will enable the public to identify which businesses in Ghana are generous and socially responsible. It will also enable companies to distinguish their CSR Philanthropy credentials from those of their corporate peers.

The African Institute of Philanthropy (AISTIPHI) and Philanthropy Space Corporation launched the Aistiphi Business League (AiBLe), Africa’s first and model official CSR community of generous and socially responsible businesses and corporate brands. The Aistiphi Business League (AiBLe) confers on members an implicit CSR brand marker, which enables the public to instantly recognize which businesses in Ghana have a proven commitment to invest back in communities.

The AiBLe community has five-member class designations that are categorized on the basis of the size, scope, depth, reach and complexity of members’ annual CSR Philanthropy programs. The member classes are Crystal Pride, Grand Rise, Star Royale, Legacy Gold and KENTE PRESTIGE. Businesses and corporate brands can leverage class designations in strategic brand marketing and for distinguishing their CSR credentials from those of their corporate peers.

The President of AISTIPHI and CEO of Philanthropy Space Dr. Benjamin Ofori said “the Aistiphi Business League was established to fill an existing institutional void – an official third-party

framework that is needed to organize Ghana’s CSR Philanthropy Space.” “Prior to its establishment, corporate social initiatives occurred in segregated silos without any formal institutional framework, coordination, incentives or community ethos, Dr. Benjamin Ofori added. Through the AiBLe innovation, AISTIPHI hopes to maximize the returns on CSR cedis to generous businesses that invest back in communities where businesses operate. Dr. Ofori announced that “the corporate CSR community innovation was being implemented in Ghana as a learning model to be studied and adapted for other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Members of the AiBLe community will have free access to the new National CSR Registry Service. They will be able to publish and preserve records of their CSR initiatives for free in the Aistiphi Gazette in real time online.

AISTIPHI has already offered free guest memberships to 420 companies and corporate brands in Ghana who now have a combined 2,200 unique records of CSR initiatives published and preserved in the Aistiphi Gazette online. Guest members still have to formalize and activate full membership of the Aistiphi Business League (AiBLe) in order to enroll in an official member class and access member services and incentives.

Each member has a profile page of its own in the National Directory of CSR Philanthropy, which catalogs all records of a member’s CSR accomplishments to date. Members also benefit from other exclusive services such as the CSR Philanthropy report for Ghana, CSR publicity programs, seminars, accountability audits of CSR beneficiaries, jamborees, awards and others.