Launch of National CSR Registry Service Ghana

Launch of National CSR Registry Service Ghana

Philanthropy Space and AISTIPHI launch the Ghana National CSR Registry and the Aistiphi Gazette, changing how CSR initiatives are documented and preserved Starting in January 2021, a newly launched National CSR Registry Service will begin to officially collect, publish and preserve reports of CSR initiatives of companies in Ghana.

The new CSR Registry will process CSR records and publish them online in real time in the Aistiphi Gazette.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, December 25, 2020 – Philanthropy Space Corporation and AISTIPHI launched the National CSR Registry Service for Ghana, the first of its kind and a learning model for Africa. The new National CSR Registry will receive, verify and publish official reports of CSR initiatives in the Aistiphi Gazette in real time and make the records publicly accessible and shareable online.

Philanthropy Space will preserve all officially gazetted records permanently and make them available to future generations as legacies of corporate goodwill and generosity. Starting in January 2021, for the first time, the public will be able to access official information on CSR initiatives and

A projects undertaken by businesses in Ghana from one centralized official portal. This will be a marked departure from the current practice where uncoordinated reports of CSR initiatives are

scattered across multiple media channels, limiting opportunities for the public to easily access and share these important corporate CSR records.

The President of the African Institute of Philanthropy (AISTIPHI) and CEO of Philanthropy Space Corporation Dr. Benjamin Ofori observed that  “Every year, businesses invest substantial resources in fighting poverty and improving the quality of life in Ghana’s communities. Records of these important CSR initiatives must be treated with the utmost deference of a truly grateful nation and passed on to future generations as legacies of corporate goodwill and generosity,” Dr. Ofori said.

Speaking at the virtual commissioning from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dr. Benjamin Ofori, reported that “the National CSR Registry Service ran in beta mode between .” “During this period, the CSR Registry processed 2,220 unique CSR entries for 440 companies and corporate brands and published the entries in the Aistiphi Gazette,” Dr. Ofori noted. The National CSR Registry and the Aistiphi Gazette went into full operational mode starting January 2020.

AISTIPHI is now inviting business organizations and corporate brands to submit entries of their CSR accomplishments to the National CSR Registry for processing, publishing and preserving in the Aistiphi Gazette. Eligible CSR submissions must have occurred in the 2020 and 2021 calendar years.

Entries may be submitted in any of AISTIPHI’s 12 official thematic areas: Education and Bright Futures; Charity and Social Protection; Public Health and Healthcare; Empowerment and Social Justice; Democracy and Human Freedom; Sports, Recreation and the Arts; Environmental Stewardship; Disaster Prevention and Response; Community Development; Culture, Heritage and Social Cohesion; Public Sector Development; and Enterprise Development and Livelihood Security.

The National CSR Registry Service and the Aistiphi Gazette are part of a suite of innovations being implemented in Ghana by Philanthropy Space as a test model to be adapted for other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

About Philanthropy Space

Philanthropy Space Corporation is a business with a social purpose incorporated in the Canadian Province of Manitoba. The company works closely with its nonprofit partner, the African Institute of Philanthropy (AISTIPHI), to implement institutional innovations designed by AISTIPHI to boost and sustain corporate giving, social charity and community service in Africa.