Riga Airport entire range of activities is performed according to the principles of CSR

Riga Airport entire range of activities is performed according to the principles of CSR

Riga International Airport’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Riga International Airport integrates Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles into all its operations, ensuring that its business strategy aligns with a commitment to various stakeholders, including passengers, employees, shareholders, business partners, and the local community. The airport’s CSR policy is built on responsible and efficient collaboration aimed at providing lasting value.

Key Areas of Focus

  1. Well-being of the Local Community:
    • Riga Airport engages in activities that support and enhance the quality of life in the local community. This includes initiatives that address social, economic, and environmental needs.
  2. Environmental Protection:
    • The airport is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint. This involves implementing measures to reduce emissions, manage waste responsibly, and promote sustainable practices throughout its operations.
  3. Human Resources Development:
    • Investing in employees is a core aspect of Riga Airport’s CSR strategy. This includes providing ongoing training, ensuring fair treatment, and fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.
  4. Business and Tourism Development in Latvia:
    • The airport supports and promotes business and tourism growth in Latvia, recognizing the importance of these sectors to the national economy.

Additional CSR Focus Areas

  • Public Safety:
    • Ensuring the safety of passengers, employees, and the general public is a top priority. The airport adheres to stringent safety protocols and continuously seeks to enhance its safety measures.
  • Service Excellence:
    • Riga Airport aims to provide high-quality services to all users, maintaining high standards of customer service and operational efficiency.
  • Employee Well-being:
    • The well-being of employees is safeguarded through various programs that promote health, safety, and professional development.
  • Business Partnerships:
    • The airport collaborates with businesses operating within its premises to ensure that they also adhere to high standards of corporate responsibility.

Commitment to Exceeding Standards

Riga International Airport’s CSR policies often exceed the requirements of legislation and current regulations. This proactive approach demonstrates the airport’s dedication to not only meeting but surpassing expectations in all aspects of corporate responsibility.


Riga International Airport exemplifies a comprehensive approach to CSR, ensuring that its operations benefit a wide range of stakeholders. By focusing on community well-being, environmental protection, human resources development, and business and tourism growth, the airport not only supports sustainable development but also fosters a positive impact on society and the environment. This commitment to high standards and responsible practices highlights Riga Airport’s role as a leader in corporate social responsibility.