Corporate responsibility is a matter of course for modern businesses and a pillar of CERTEX business Latvia

Corporate responsibility is a matter of course for modern businesses and a pillar of CERTEX business Latvia

CERTEX’s approach to corporate responsibility is built on four key perspectives: social, environmental, economic, and local. Here’s a detailed look at their CSR efforts:

Social Responsibility

Attractive Employer: CERTEX places high value on employee satisfaction and efficiency, understanding that these factors are crucial for sustainable development. The company conducts comprehensive annual employee surveys to gather observations and thoughts from staff, which then inform initiatives to enhance the work environment and ensure CERTEX is seen as an attractive employer.

Equality: CERTEX is committed to equality, recognizing the importance of all employees regardless of gender, age, experience, education level, or ethnic background. The company actively promotes diversity and fights against all forms of discrimination, harassment, and mistreatment in the workplace.

Environmental Responsibility

CERTEX’s environmental efforts focus on:

  • Transport: Reducing the environmental impact of transporting people and goods.
  • Energy Consumption: Implementing measures to decrease energy use.
  • Environmentally Friendly Products: Developing and expanding a range of eco-friendly products, such as steel ropes with biodegradable lubricants.
  • Recycling: Enhancing recycling initiatives to minimize waste.

CERTEX aims for ISO 14001 certification and offers inspection and maintenance services to help customers extend the lifespan of their products, thereby reducing environmental impact.

Economic Responsibility

Supplier Code of Conduct: CERTEX has a clear Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure that their suppliers uphold high standards of respect, dignity, safe working conditions, and environmental responsibility. The company works closely with suppliers to achieve these standards, expecting adherence to the Code of Conduct.

Local Responsibility

Community Involvement: CERTEX supports local communities where it operates, particularly in areas like sports, education, and the environment. The company sponsors various local organizations and projects, including the Sustainable Seas Initiative, which aims for a sustainable Baltic Sea through collaboration with scientists, environmentalists, politicians, and businesses.

Anti-Fraud Initiative

#Fraud Off!: CERTEX is a proud participant in the anti-fraud movement #Fraud Off!, advocating for integrity and joining forces with other organizations to combat fraud. The movement’s values include:

  • Sustainability: Aiming to reduce fraud cases annually and promoting zero tolerance for cheating.
  • Unity: Cooperating with organizations and involving the public in anti-fraud efforts.
  • Open Communication: Encouraging dialogue, education, and transparency about fraud issues.
  • Dare: Committing to fight and expose cheating, and prevent fraud.
  • Responsibility: Recognizing that daily decisions impact the overall state and well-being of every family, and acting responsibly.

CERTEX’s multifaceted approach to corporate responsibility demonstrates their dedication to making a positive impact on society, the environment, and the local communities they serve, while maintaining strong ethical standards in business operations.