Cēsualus performs systematic and strategic work in the area of CSR

Cēsualus performs systematic and strategic work in the area of CSR

The company performs systematic and strategic work in the area of corporate social responsibility. We have created a Sustainability Team which consists of people responsible for all of the company’s key areas of activity / departments. Priorities in the field of social responsibility are defined each year.

One of the priority areas defined by the Cēsualus brewery is the education of the public regarding alcohol addiction prevention, placing the main emphasis on youths and secondary school students.

The local community, within the scope of the social responsibility of Cēsualus, is the public of Cēsis and its municipality.

The company publishes its financial statements (annual accounts) and non-financial statements in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility Reports on its website.

The company takes care of its reputation by implementing social responsibility projects both within the context of product development and the entire beer industry.

When defining its position on industry development matters, Cēsualus realises the representation of the company’s and industry’s interests through the agency of professional associations. The company is a member of both beer and non-alcoholic beverage industry associations, as well as of institutions representing the opinion of food companies.

As the largest operating brewery in Latvia, Cēsualus initiates and implements projects promoting beer culture, for example, with the “Beer Master Class” series of public education events.


AS “Cēsualus” supports a transparent and responsible remuneration system which it realises within the company and respects in its cooperation partners.

AS “Cēsualus” does not do business with representatives of the shadow economy. Therefore, the company’s business strategy includes and implements strict criteria in the verification of credit standings, as well as the selection of customers and customer agreements, especially in the trade and HoReCa sector.


The vision of Cēsualus is to be the development leader of the Latvian beverage market, which the company is accomplishing by expanding its portfolio of innovative products – creating and introducing new product categories, segments, flavours and packaging.

The company also actively involves its employees in product development by organising Innovation Week once per year, during which the departments of the company can create and present their innovative product ideas. Moreover, the employees have the opportunity to submit their product ideas on a daily basis by using the Idea Box.

Cēsualus also involves beer lovers and consumers in the generation of new product ideas and the improvement of current products by establishing and maintaining an active dialogue through various social networks: Draugiem, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For several years Cēsualus has promoted public engagement in product development through the annual campaign of its leading brand – Cēsu Premium – for example, by giving everyone the opportunity to create their own unique beer can designs. These campaigns possess a certain cultural and historical significance every year, and they are implemented within the context of current events taking place in Latvia.

The operation of Cēsualus is based on responsible marketing both by initiating the creation and observation of the Latvian Brewery Self-Regulating Code of Ethics and entering into a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia regarding compliance with responsible marketing, and educating child audiences instead of directing communication and advertising activities towards them.

High and constant quality is the priority in the production, filling and selling of products which is confirmed by strict adherence to legal requirements within our brewery, as well as the globally recognised BRC for Food Safety food production quality certificate, which Cēsualus introduced voluntarily, being the first food industry company in Latvia to do so.


Each year the company defines its priority sponsoring and support areas, however the sponsoring strategy basically does not change – Cēsualus supports events of long-term significance, which have run for several years and become traditions. By continuously improving the company’s operation, we choose to support events which create true values and bring lasting emotions to their visitors.

In addition to the defined financial support and sponsoring projects, we review submitted projects which the company might choose to support by providing our products at events.

Priority is given to the local community when providing support for events, and it is determined that the local community within the scope of the social responsibility of Cēsualus is the public of Cēsis and its municipality.

One of the support project priorities is the education of the public which the company realises by implementing the alcohol addiction prevention project “Be Independent!” in secondary schools of Latvia, as well as the unique “Beer Master Class” educational series of events.

The charitable side of the social contribution of Cēsualus is apparent in its long-term support for the Cēsis day centre “Saules taka” which gathers and takes care of children from disadvantaged families in Cēsis Municipality.

The company runs the Cēsualus Pensioners’ Club which unites the company’s former and current long-term employees, establishes and maintains the social link and sense of belonging to the company, as well as positively affects the quality of the respective people’s social life.