Puma’s Corporate Social Responsibility could never be better

Puma's Corporate Social Responsibility could never be better

Puma has a major role the sports industry and their Corporate Social Responsibility could never be better. Their mission statement is rich in ethical and moral responsibility. Their programs are more targeted towards the environment. They keep altering proactive strategies which meet all criteria of social responsibility, including discretionary performance. They keep a socio-economic view in their organization, focusing on broader social welfare as well as profits.

Bjørn Gulden (CEO) introduced PUMA’s new mission statement:

“To be the Fastest Sports Brand in the world. The company’s mission not only reflects PUMA’s new brand positioning of being Forever Faster, it is also be the guiding principle for the company expressed through all its actions and decisions. Our objective is to be fast in reacting to new trends, fast in bringing new innovations to the market, fast in decision making and fast in solving problems for our partners. Fast is also how the company will pursue the strategic priorities of PUMA in the short and mid-term: Brand, Product and Sales.”

Puma aims at being an ideal company setting the way for all other sports companies, being the pioneer of sports brands. They feel like it’s their ethical responsibility to be a role model to other companies.

Puma is trying to reach the goal of a 25% reduction in waste, water, and energy as well as CO2 Emissions. Puma has reduced CO2 emissions by 12.6% over the last 3 years. The energy consumption has been cut back by 4.2 percent and declined by 2.5% in the last 3 years. Puma’s water consumption was due to raw material consumption and processing, there has been a reduction to 10.5 M3. Paper and cardboard is the biggest waste in Puma, they have reduced by 35% in 2013.