Deutsche Telekom shapes change and commits to social responsibility

Deutsche Telekom shapes change and commits to social responsibility

Deutsche Telekom looks back on 25 years of success and has big plans for the future. At the Group’s annual shareholders’ meeting, CEO Tim Höttges named market leadership in 5G and being the market lead on the U.S. mobile market as goals. For the fixed network he said: “We will become the No. 1 fiber-optic company in Germany and Europe. We will help to drive forward the digitalization of Europe.”

Change has been a constant part of Deutsche Telekom’s history.

In the German fixed network, Höttges looked back on the successful rollout of FTTC/vectoring. The network proved its reliability, continuing to run smoothly throughout the crisis, he said. The focus now was on FTTH, he continued. “My goal is to connect every household in Germany with optical fiber by 2030. This requires multi-billion-euro investments for Germany. Some will come from us. And some from our competitors.”

On the subject of social responsibility, Höttges also added that Deutsche Telekom is there for everyone and excludes no one. “We connect people. We do not separate them. Racism. Sexism. Discrimination. Hate and incendiary speech. There is no place for these here. We work to ensure that everyone here has the same opportunities. No matter their background. No matter their gender. No matter their skin color.”

Another example of responsibility is climate protection. “From this year, all Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany surf in the green network. Powered 100 percent by electricity from renewable sources. From the coming year, the entire Group is set to transition to renewable energy.” Deutsche Telekom has also launched the “We care for our planet” initiative. One of the initiative’s goals is to prevent and reduce the use of plastics and unnecessary packaging. For example, the MagentaTV box will in future be produced from recycled plastic.