Multi-million site investments yield positive results for Gelita’s CSR report

Multi-million site investments yield positive results for Gelita’s CSR report

German-based ingredients solutions group Gelita has released its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report for 2019, which included a total of €36 million investment in its global plant production facilities last year.

The group, which includes a broad range of solutions for the food sector including gelatine for gummy confectionery, has released its latest review which describes social initiatives and assesses the progress made.

As a globally active company, Gelita develops solutions at all levels to fulfil its social responsibility. Last year, the position of Global Coordinator for the areas of environment, energy and corporate social responsibility was created specifically for this task.

The recently published sustainability report documents the progress made by the business in implementing its sustainability strategy for 2019.  This was achieved by investing in modern, energy-efficient facilities, environmentally optimised processes, an increased awareness of sustainable action throughout the Group, and continuous communication within the company as well as with external influence groups.

Its new multi-million, energy-efficient plant technology was taken into commission in Sweden, the US and Germany. The company also continues to expand its spray tower capacities in order to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of transportation. Other projects that were successfully implemented in 2019 included measures to avoid waste, reduce air pollution, cut water consumption and treat wastewater.

Social responsibility: as the company noted, supporting people and ensuring their well-being is a major focus for its operations. To promote cooperation, it provides neighborhood assistance in the vicinity of its sites, helps people in need with cash and product donations, and supports selected institutions. In addition, GELITA is also involved in the education of young people and is active as a sponsor in recreational and professional sports. The company supported more than 100 projects and initiatives worldwide. Many of these have been subsidised for several years.