Ooredoo’s success journey in supporting community and CSR

Ooredoo’s success journey in supporting community and CSR

Supporting Community and CSR

Ooredoo’s social responsibility strategy is based on many values including communicating with all segments of the society, caring for them and enriching their digital lives, as well as manage all the challenges that might hinder the progress of the societies

MijbilAlayoub, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, said: “It is our responsibility to contribute to the stability of the society, therefore, we adopt an inspirational vision that supports individuals of all groups and harness our efforts and capabilities to have a prominent role in elevating our country to the ranks of the advanced countries at all levels.”

He added: “Thus, Ooredoo Kuwait collaborated with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a related organization of the United Nations (UN), that plays a leading role in the field of migration governance globally. The collaboration allows Nojoom members who are also Ooredoo customers to donate their points to IOM on MyOoredoo Application.” The company also announced its strategic partnership of the Global Biking Initiative at a press conference held 10th of February 2020 at its headquarters in Kuwait City as a testament to its support of Kuwaiti youth and athletes.

In response to COVID-19

The crisis the world went and still going through, planted in us a growing appreciation for life’s simple experiences. As a fact, Life after the COVID-19 outbreak will never be the same, we are only waiting for a new beginning. Supporting the society at all times has always been Ooredoo Kuwait’s corporate social responsibility strategy.

Ooredoo Kuwait affirmed its full support of the Government in cooperation with Al Rahma International Charity by gifting SIM cards which included free internet and calls to citizens who returned to Kuwait on repatriation flights to use during the medical quarantine period. The free SIM cards were distributed at Kuwait International Airport by members of Ooredoo Kuwait’s team and Head of the Volunteer Unit at Al-Rahma International Charity.