Ahli United Bank wins the “Best CSR Services Award 2020” in Kuwait

Ahli United Bank wins the “Best CSR Services Award 2020” in Kuwait

Ahli United Bank (AUB) won the “Best CSR Services Award 2020” in Kuwait by the International Finance magazine, the specialized global financial magazine. AUB won this award in recognition of its distinguished initiatives and strategy aimed at making a positive contribution to society.

This recognition is the result of the Bank’s successful CSR program for the second year in a row. AUB also had won the “Best CSR Services Award 2019” in Kuwait by CPI Financial, the publisher of the prestigious Banker Middle East Magazine.

AUB was awarded as the “Best CSR Services for 2020” in Kuwait by the International Finance Magazine based on the bank’s ability in assessing the value of its CSR programs in consideration of the community needs. Furthermore, evaluating the bank’s contributions through specific and measurable goals. There have also been a significant improvement in the bank’s community initiatives.

in addition to the integration of the CSR initiatives measured by its positive impact on the business activity and its strategic link with the bank core activities. The bank’s CRS activities continued to be innovative and unique. AUB specialized team & its volunteers are always behind the great success in achieving such CSR milestones.

On the mechanism of granting this award, the first level of voting is announced to winners by the magazine’s internal evaluation team. Then, details are referred to an external rating agency to determine the final evaluation level. Finally, the winners are announced on their websites.

Awards are announced through the points system that includes the results of the preliminary evaluation report, and a ranking from external research partners along with input from banking industry experts.

Commenting on winning this award, Mrs. Jehad Al-Humaidhi, Acting CEO at AUB said, “AUB has been playing a key role in supporting the community, and demonstrating proficiency in managing its CSR program, as the community and volunteer work is one of AUB’s priorities and part of its corporate culture.

Al-Humaidhi added: “AUB, being the first bank to launch its operations in Kuwait for more than 78 years, recognizes its critical responsibility towards community work. Currently, AUB seeks to provide a model to be followed in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development, to provide a pioneering and exceptional experience in this industry just as its continuous achievements on various levels.