CBK as a socially responsible financial institution

CBK as a socially responsible financial institution
The Commercial Bank of Kuwait (CBK) has long been committed to its role as a responsible corporate citizen, deeply embedded in Kuwaiti society. As the second oldest bank in Kuwait, CBK actively supports various social activities spanning education, health, culture, entertainment, and environmental initiatives. The bank firmly believes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a crucial role in fostering sustainable societal growth.

CBK’s dedication to CSR was recognized with the prestigious GCC-CSR Award during the 33rd session of the Council of Ministers of Labor & Council of Social Affairs of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Riyadh. The bank’s “HawwenAlihom” campaign, launched five years ago, was honored as the pioneering CSR project of 2016. This innovative campaign aimed to support construction workers and road cleaners by providing gifts tailored to their needs, especially under challenging weather conditions, and to bring joy during festive occasions, thereby acknowledging their crucial role in environmental preservation and cleanliness.

The Communications Division of CBK plays a pivotal role in showcasing and emphasizing the bank’s comprehensive efforts in CSR through sponsorships, support, and participation in diverse social activities, humanitarian events, and philanthropic endeavors. This commitment underscores CBK’s focus on reinforcing the concept of social responsibility and its positive impact on all segments of Kuwaiti society through various organized events and initiatives.

Moreover, CBK maintains leadership in societal engagements by forging strong partnerships with civil society institutions and social work organizations. This collaborative approach is integral to CBK’s strategy for sustainable development, evident in its proactive sponsorship of a wide array of societal activities aimed at serving all segments of Kuwaiti society.

The Corporate Communications Division continues to play a proactive role in promoting CBK’s services and products to both customers and non-customers through various media channels, including print, audio-visual, and social media platforms. Additionally, the division organizes awareness, health, and marketing activities to foster camaraderie and strengthen social bonds among CBK staff.

In conclusion, CBK remains steadfast in its commitment to serving Kuwaiti society and its civil institutions by spearheading programs and initiatives aimed at supporting sustainable development across the country. Through the concerted efforts of its Corporate Communications Division and ongoing community engagements, CBK strives to make a meaningful and lasting impact on Kuwaiti society as a respected financial institution.