CSR at Axtel contributes to a more sustainable future

CSR at Axtel contributes to a more sustainable future

At Axtel, sustainability is integrated into every aspect of our company and throughout our value chain. We adopt best practices in environmental, social, financial, and corporate governance to ensure our long-term presence in the market.

Our Sustainability Strategy reflects our vision of contributing to a sustainable future through ethical and responsible practices. We aim to provide innovative solutions that promote access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), ensuring both societal benefit and company profitability.

Economic Strategy

Our commitment is to manage our technological, economic, and financial resources with honesty and efficiency. We operate under strict risk controls and compliance with legislation, fostering successful and sustainable growth.

Social Strategy

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable development within our society. We support our employees and external communities by providing tools for better education, health opportunities, and decent living conditions. We engage in various social activities supported by our employees.

Since 2015, our volunteers have actively participated in the ALFA School for Parents initiative, which educates parents of students at the ALFA Foundation Educational Project about the emotional and behavioral challenges faced by young people.

We also contribute to the Know Your ALFA Career initiative, where our employees share their professional experiences with students from the ALFA Foundation High School, helping them make informed choices about their future careers.

Environmental Strategy

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. By reviewing procedures and developing methods to conserve resources, we aim to establish a harmonious relationship with nature. Our Sustainability Model coordinates our environmental, social, and operational efforts to foster efficiency, innovation, and a positive work culture.

At Axtel, environmental stewardship is integral to our business and community development. We raise environmental awareness through campaigns and maximize operational efficiency to reduce costs while conserving resources.

We adhere to Official Mexican Standards (NOM), environmental legislation, and guidelines from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), the Ministry of Energy (SENER), and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT). Our policies, procedures, indicators, goals, objectives, and environmental impacts are documented accordingly.

Committed to transparent emissions management, we report our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory and reduction initiatives to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).