AT&T Social Responsibility help communities and businesses take care of natural resources

AT&T Social Responsibility help communities and businesses take care of natural resources


In the 21st century, the planet faces significant challenges. AT&T’s future depends on environmental well-being, and our technology can assist communities and businesses in managing natural resources.

Through research, innovation, and collaboration, we develop technology that empowers our customers, business partners, and the public to achieve remarkable goals.

AT&T, in partnership with GSMA Latin America and the National Telecommunications Association (ANATEL), actively participates in the We Care Mexico campaign. This initiative promotes safety, sustainability, and responsible technology use.

AT&T Mexico runs a campaign to collect and recycle cell phones and accessories. It’s an ongoing initiative with collection points at retail locations.


We forge connections that drive educational innovation, supporting students and communities across Mexico.

We encourage Mexican girls and young women from all backgrounds to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), providing pathways to success irrespective of economic, social, or academic status. Additionally, we support initiatives focused on adult education for low-income individuals, recognizing that education opens doors for everyone.

30 Seconds for Mexico, an acceleration program by AT&T Mexico in collaboration with New Ventures and The Center at MIT, seeks young innovators using technology and entrepreneurship to make a positive impact in Mexico.

The AT&T Women STEM program nurtures Engineering scholarship recipients through courses, mentoring, coaching, and continuous performance evaluation to foster their growth within the company.

Addressing the gender gap in technology is crucial. We need more women in STEM careers, and through initiatives like these, we aim to overcome barriers and create equal opportunities.

Health & Wellness

At AT&T, we value work-life balance and cultivate a positive workplace that champions leadership, diversity, and innovation.

We contribute to communities where we operate, strengthening our employees’ commitment and identity at AT&T, inspiring more Mexicans to engage in positive actions.

We promote inclusivity, diversity, and non-discrimination in employment, fostering optimal environments for growth and opportunity.

Our diverse team, including individuals with disabilities, seniors, women, youth, and ethnic minorities across over 10 states, exemplifies the inclusive spirit of the AT&T family.