Corporate social responsibility and integrity are common threads at Sekura

Corporate social responsibility and integrity are common threads at Sekura

Corporate Social Responsibility at Sekura

“At Sekura, corporate social responsibility and integrity are fundamental principles. Through various committees and our Code of Ethics and Conduct, we reaffirm our commitment to always making a positive impact.”

Quality of Life Committee

The Quality of Life Committee focuses on enhancing employee well-being at SEKURA. Through various initiatives, we strive to create a workplace that ensures decent work, safety, and inclusion, where employees can thrive.

Our objectives for the year include:

  1. Compliance with NOM035: We aim not only to meet NOM requirements but also to identify areas within SEKURA that may negatively impact our employees’ well-being. Through risk detection surveys, interviews, and focus groups, we address any issues affecting our workforce.
  2. Implementation of SEKURA Communities: We recognize the importance of providing spaces for employees to contribute based on their interests. We will initiate groups where employees can propose initiatives that positively impact our workforce, business, and community.
  3. Implementation of the SEKURA Academy: To meet the developmental needs of our employees, we are developing a comprehensive curriculum focusing on skill development, use of tools, and technical knowledge enhancement.

Environment and Safety Committee

At SEKURA, we prioritize sustainable practices and safety. The Environment and Safety Committee promotes practices that conserve the environment and enhance safety within our company and beyond.

Our objectives for 2020 include:

  1. Promoting environmental awareness through visible actions and a communication plan within the organization.
  2. Establishing a responsible purchasing strategy and reducing energy consumption across various areas.
  3. Ensuring compliance with environmental, civil protection, and health and safety regulations set by the government of CDMX.
  4. Designing and implementing a waste management system for acquisition, management, and proper disposal of waste.

We emphasize the importance of these actions, encouraging our employees to implement similar practices at home. Additionally, we prioritize suppliers with environmental certifications or sustainable product offerings.

Community Liaison Committee

The Community Liaison Committee focuses on extending SEKURA’s positive impact beyond our operations, engaging with communities and fostering meaningful change.

Our objectives include:

  1. Raising awareness among SEKURA employees and business partners about the importance of community support, developing an action plan for impactful activities.
  2. Serving as a bridge between SEKURA and communities, designing strategies to support them and facilitate positive changes based on their needs.
  3. Implementing a volunteer plan to involve all SEKURA employees in community initiatives through awareness campaigns and active participation.