Cambodia’s best bank for CSR: Acleda Bank

Cambodia's best bank for CSR: Acleda Bank

While many of the country’s domestic financial institutions are making efforts to be sustainable and develop corporate social responsibility programmes, Acleda Bank, Cambodia’s largest bank, is championing a CSR approach to business on an unparalleled scale and efficiency.

Acleda’s environmental and social sustainability mission measures its impacts in detail; the bank subscribes to international conventions on sustainability and human rights.

Being green is part of its business: from waste-paper usage, energy use and carbon emissions to water consumption, the bank has made improvements , while still growing its operations.

The bank employs a team of five environmental officers to drive and coordinate its green efforts, and it has targeted lending to biogas and solar energy-related businesses.

Acleda also contributes to Cambodian society; it has made gender neutrality a primary goal in hiring and lending. Among its sponsorships is the Women Entrepreneurship Day. And the bank makes regular charitable donations, including to the Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital in Phnom Penh and to the local Red Cross.