Asia Natural Tour CSR: a leading travel management company

Asia Natural Tour CSR: a leading travel management company

Corporate Social Responsibility is all of the daily operation made are well taken into consideration and action responsibly, ethically and in a way that limits our impact on the humanity and environment.

We believe that being a leading travel management company is not just about delivering great service to great clients, but it is also about giving care to the host communities, environments, the destination / countries and the internal and external stakeholders of the company to ensure that our clients’ travel will not have negative impact to the destination they touched, that why Asia Natural Tour sets our Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR Programs in hand.

Responsible Company – Legal Business Practice:

  • First step to be a responsible company is to be a legal company, and be a legal company, it has to respect the country laws, degrees and other legislative announcement. For example, a proper tax practice is crucial to help the government of Cambodia succeed their Millennium Development Goal. Be a responsible individual travelers, event organizers, and suppliers, support the legal facts! Visit our legal implementation information here.
  • Our Care Paid to Local Communities –  Asia Natural Tour CSR Programs with the Local Hosts
  • We will always strive to be a responsible corporate citizen globally. And we will always be a good neighbor in our local communities; wherever they might be.
  • Boston Scientific Staff Serving Food to Kids

We will:

  • Behave in a way that brings benefits – beyond jobs – to those communities where we operate.
  • Listen and respond to every concern of our neighbors if they are affected by our activities.
  • Focus our community involvement on issues related to our business or where we have a special ability to help.
  • Support and encourage our people who want to volunteer their time and experience to help our communities.
  • Make meaningful contributions to the community in time of whatever the need from the heart.
  • Encourage our people to play a wider role in society, joining in public debates and supporting national and local civic initiatives in a spirit that reflects our values.
  • As for now Angkor Kids Center which is a project of All for Kids Organization has been selected to be our core CSR targeted beneficiaries group.
  • Our Care Paid To the Environment –  Asia Natural Tour CSR Programs to the Environment

We have a strong commitment to protecting our environment. And we will always be mindful of our impact upon our space and treat it with respect.

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR CambodiaWe will:

  • Abide the law.
  • Comply with international standards as appropriate.
  • Encourage our people to be environmentally aware and help them to help us.
  • Use natural resources efficiently.
  • Reduce, re-use, and recycling whenever we can.
  • Encourage our partners to follow our environmental stance.
  • Encourage our suppliers to minimize their impact on the environment.
  • Give our clients the best choices to help them reduce and manage their environmental impact.
  • Take an active part in improving the environmental performance of our industry.
  • Partake in the local campaign to reduce the plastic bottle and plastic bags.

​​​​Our Care Paid To the Staff & Partners –  Asia Natural Tour CSR Programs to the Staff & Partners

Why have to think, plan and invest too much while CSR is really something that  could be adopted by having moral, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities in addition to their economic and legal obligations. Therefore the simplest thing that we could do is to make our customers, employees, suppliers, board of directors in short the company stakeholders HAPPY, SAFE, and GROW.

Our Business Modal

  • We don’t wait until we are richer to give, therefore we give right from the start of our business implementation, through the special and unique customized travel styles that we create. Furthermore, we have created a simple policy of “One guest booked, One dollar given” as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.
  •  “Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints!”― Chief Seattle