VR Group social responsibility – success for the common good

VR Group social responsibility – success for the common good

The better we succeed at VR Group, the more the society all around us benefits. Well-being increases when everyday travelling and industry transports flow fluently. The climate also benefits when our customers favour trains. Together, we decrease the emissions from traffic and hasten the journey towards a carbon neutral Finland.

Climate friendly on the tracks:

Rail transport has an essential role in curbing climate change. Rail transport produces lower emissions and consumes less energy than other modes of transport. We have used electricity produced with renewable energy in the VR Group traffic for a long time and to a large extent. Thanks to our efforts, Finland’s emissions have decreased by the amount two cities the size of Vaasa would produce.

Even though travelling by train is carbon-neutral and VR trains already are the greenest option, we are committed to doing even more for the environment. To us, responsibility means not only operating in an environmentally sustainable way but also working over the long term to improve traffic and occupational safety and to ensure a good employee experience.

Focus on sustainable development:

According to Finland’s government programme, all state-owned companies must base their operations on corporate social responsibility. We take the financial, social and environmental impacts of our operations into account in our decision-making. As a company, we are committed to the Finnish Government’s ambitious objectives for cutting emissions, according to which Finland will be carbon-neutral by 2035 and carbon-negative soon after.