Rethinking the use of space for a sustainable future in ISKU company

Rethinking the use of space for a sustainable future in ISKU company

The ways that people and organisations work, learn and care for their health and well-being inspire the Finnish family-owned company ISKU to actively develop safe, sustainable and timeless furniture solutions that help businesses thrive.

The exceptional circumstances of spring 2020 have brought any organisation, whether public, semi-public or private, to look for new practices to ensure the safety of people and maintain effective operations in these uncertain times, overshadowed by the current pandemic. It is evident that the need for safer and more versatile environments will increase in the future. Spaces need to be used in a variety of ways and also, the furniture solutions are expected to provide opportunities for new forms of collaboration and joint innovation, as well as social distancing.

Environmentally friendly choices lead the way to sustainable solutions

Since 1928, ISKU has designed and manufactured furniture and offered services and comprehensive interior solutions for learning, working and health care facilities, as well as for all public spaces and leisure time facilities.

Developing our quality and lifecycle thinking, we emphasise the origin of materials, energy consumption during production, the use of chemicals, and the volume of waste generated during the entire production and consumption chain up until the recycling of products at the end of their lifecycle. We prefer environmentally sustainable materials sourced locally and use the surplus material from the production of one product as the raw material for another. This is, for example, how our Kivikko seat was created. In our novel space-in-space solution ISKU Nook, green lifecycle meets pedagogical sustainability. Both products have been awarded as the Best Sustainable/Eco-friendly product in the prestigious GESS Education awards.