Vilniaus Prekyba a leader of social responsibility

Vilniaus Prekyba a leader of Social responsibility

Social responsibility of the Vilniaus Prekyba Group may be categorized into internal and external. The implementation of our internal corporate social responsibility policy is first of all aimed at taking care of our employees – their development, improvement, and motivation.

As for the external social responsibility of Vilniaus Prekyba, it is also of two categories: we have a support foundation “NOW” at UAB “Vilniaus Prekyba” and, in parallel, UAB “Vilniaus Prekyba” directly sponsors projects carried out by various other organizations.

By our social responsibility projects, we seek to contribute to the long-term well-being of Lithuania; for this reason, our main focus is education and the maintenance of the Lithuanian spirit, traditions, and everything that has to do with the Lithuanian nation. UAB “Vilniaus Prekyba” trespassed the borders of Lithuania a long time ago, however, it has never forgotten the country in which it took its roots. The founders of UAB “Vilniaus Prekyba” want to contribute to the creation of Lithuania’s well-being by investing in the education of Lithuania’s children first.

The restored support foundation “DABAR” of UAB “Vilniaus Prekyba” started its new life cycle. The company has 50% of votes in the General Shareholders’ Meeting of the support foundation “DABAR”.

Presently, the support foundation pursues the strategy to provide support to initiatives which help ensure all-encompassing and quality education and the implementation of which makes a long-term positive change. In this context, additional focus is put on the education of people with disabilities and their integration.

The foundation also supports any other assistance to projects and initiatives in the fields of science, culture, art, sports, health protection, social care and security, environmental protection, and other areas which are critical for society.


We are a large business Group with an important presence in the Baltic States and Central European markets, therefore we understand our responsibility for our actions affecting our customers, employees, society, and the environment around us.

In all markets and countries where we operate, we strive to develop our business in a fair and transparent manner and to maintain high standards of business ethics. We want all companies in our Group to adhere to these standards.

The directions of our responsible activities are defined by the Code of Business Ethics which discloses how we develop business relationships and adhere to standards of conduct in our dealings with employees, customers, partners, suppliers, government and other authorities, and the general public.



Our goal is to recruit, foster, and retain talented and professional employees, and earn their loyalty. We strive to create and continually improve a safe and healthy work environment, create equal opportunities to become members of our team, develop as professionals, achieve good performance results, and be continuously involved in achieving our common goals.


We comply with legal acts regulating labour relations. Seeking to be an attractive employer for current and future employees, we act appropriately. Our employees are chosen according to their competence, professionalism, and values. All employees are trained to perform their duties and tasks and opportunities for improvement are present. We adequately remunerate for work and the results achieved, taking into account the responsibilities of the employees and the situation in the labour market. We part with our employees honorably.


We adhere to the principle that respect is the basis of personal and business relationships. Our goal is to bring together a team of people of all nationalities, cultures, races, religions, political opinions, material backgrounds, education, age, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, appearance, physical and intellectual abilities. We strive to create a work environment in which individuals are respected, regardless of individual differences, and employee performance is judged on performance results and behaviour based on values.

We do not tolerate discrimination, humiliation, harassment, violence, or harassment of employees or anyone else we deal with in our activities. We treat all employees with respect and fairness.


We do not tolerate offering or accepting bribes or any other form of improper rewards or the direct or indirect giving or offering of any valuable reward or benefit.


Our business is directly related to the daily lives of many people. Being close to the population as suppliers of goods and services, we are also part of communities. We strive to foster a good neighbourhood, to be reliable partners and to be active participants in public life.


We recognize our responsibility for the protection of human health, the environment, and natural resources.

We conduct our day-to-day operations in compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and permits. We take into account the impact of our business decisions on operations we are involved in carrying out.


We have a long-term sponsorship policy and, as representatives of the business community, are involved in shaping the future of the countries and communities in which we operate.

We support projects that meet our ethical standards, values, and company priorities. We do not support projects related to social exclusion and discrimination, political initiatives, and the promotion of religious beliefs.


We are not involved in politics. Employees of the Group and its companies may not, on behalf of the Group or its companies, provide or support, directly or indirectly, political parties in the form of political support.

We respect the political views of our employees and do not limit their personal political activities. Our employees are not allowed to use the reputation or resources of any of the Companies, including working hours, for the purposes of their political activities or political interests.


We protect the interests of our shareholders and strive to be profitable while developing a sustainable business. Our goal is to create long-term and sustainable value for our shareholders. We provide our shareholders with transparent and consistent information about the financial position of the Group and companies and about key changes in our operations that may affect their value. We are constantly in touch with our shareholders always taking their expectations into account and answering the emerging questions.