ACHEMOS GRUPĖ’s responsibility is implemented through regular activities

ACHEMOS GRUPĖ’s responsibility is implemented through regular activities

The Company’s responsibility is implemented through regular activities performed in this field:

  1. Environment protection (precautionary measures, responsible activities and action plan, internal and external control, new technologies).
  2. Relations with employees (protection of human rights, quality of the workplace, equal opportunities).
  3. Responsible activity on the market (product liability, relations with clients, quality assurance, participation in the activity of associations).
  4. Relations with communities (partnership, cooperation, support).

Protection of the environment

In all of its activities, AB “Achema” uses innovative means, the best available production technologies and processes that help to reduce the environmental impact, encourage the rational management and use of resources, reduce the costs and generated waste, and plan the development in view of the aspects of possible environmental impact. The company is particularly focused on the modernization of facilities and regularly improves its technologies in order to minimize the impacts.

Every year Achema employees not only enjoy themselves at a traditional corporate summer team-building event for professionals, but also at a special winter event to honor company veterans who have worked at Achema for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, and even 45 years.

Retired veterans of Achema unite in a club of Chemists veterans. Club members are actively involved in social, cultural, and educational activities, organizing meetings and trips. The Club has its own choir and performs at various events.

Sports club Achespo provides the employees of the Company and its affiliates with numerous sports activities and events and also offers a wide range of wellness programs to employees and their families.


“To keep people” is one of the principal priorities of the company because, without them, even the most modern equipment will be useless. Therefore, to be attractive and the best place of employment in the region is one of the principles of the company’s activity.

Approximately 17% of the local residents of employable age work at the company and its branches. We continue traditions and work with families. The knowledge and experience are passed simply to the dynasties: from grandparents to parents, children, and grandchildren.

All Achema employees constantly develop their qualifications and get all the necessary work certificates at the expense of the company. Internal training and participation in various projects for qualification development ensure a continuous education process within the company. For that purpose, Achema closely cooperates with Kaunas University of Technology and Jonava Polytechnic School.

The Company also offers opportunities to build a successful career. Achema’s Human Resource department outlines career plans for every employee. It’s essential for us that every employee is satisfied and motivated by having a maximum possibility to realize skills and develop qualifications. The Company strongly believes that further education and qualification improvement programs available to every employee help to build loyalty.


To improve the health situation in the communities, a modern echoscope worth over 63 thousand euros was donated to PI Jonava Hospital. The services of Achema Health Center are available to the local community as well – 40% of Jonava residents are treated here.

Volunteering and Campaigns

AB “Achema” also promotes vocational volunteering in the project “What’s the Use of It?!”. We also organize target career development events. Company employees participate in traditional campaigns “Let’s do that”, “Earth Hour”, and donation campaigns.

Science and Research

To develop innovations in its activity and attract competencies, AB “Achema” develops social partnerships with educational institutions. The plan of actions and programme of cooperation with educational institutions have been prepared.

Achema Group is one of the incorporators of KTU Business and Science Valley Santaka. The Technical Director of AB “Achema” is a member of the Board of Santaka Valley and the company contributed to the preparation of the cooperation programme.

Productive technology and knowledge exchange takes place with other educational establishments as well, e.g.:

  • the traces of heavy metals are periodically detected in urea solution by the Physical and Technology Research Center of the State Research Institute;
  • in the Agrochemical Research Center, the company’s wastewater and groundwater tests are performed, and the traces of metals and oil products are tested;
  • the Forest Institute of A. Stulginskis University periodically conducts research on AB “Achema” long-term impact on the forest ecosystem;
  • the Lithuanian Energy Institute performs the measurements of the flows of emissions in UKL units and also performed the modeling of the distribution of air supplied to the ammonium nitrate granulation tower.