Tim Hortons is a leader in CSR initiatives

Tim Hortons is a leader in CSR initiatives

Tim Hortons is a well-known brand in Canada. The company has a wide range of social initiatives that play an important role in the firm’s success.

Tim Hortons has some CSR initiatives that are good examples of this approach. In order to illustrate how Tim Hortons approaches social responsibility, the programs analyzed were: Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, Tim Hortons Coffee Partnership, and the Environmental Stewardship. The main goal of the institution is to keep alive Horton’s desire for helping others. Tim Horton Children’s Foundation provides camps experience to economically disadvantaged youth. The Foundation aims to change young people’s mentality and empower them to act towards their goals.


Tim Hortons meet this need by giving mental support to youth and children while educating and empowering them to think and act in a more optimistic way. According to the Performance Report, Tim Hortons impacted 17,700 children’s lives with the Foundation.

The Coffee Partnership is a program gives support to small coffee farmers and communities around the world. Tim Hortons help these people providing economic, social and environmental improvements in the area of the coffee is produced.

With the Coffee Partnership program, Tim Hortons aims to meet the need of coffee communities for a better quality of life. The people from these economically disadvantaged communities usually have no technical training about the coffee production and poor work conditions that are reflected in their income. Tim Hortons give all support the farmers need to grow the coffee in a more sustainable and profitable way. This way, this initiative not only benefit the community but also the environment.