The Ministry of Social Solidarity provided about 40,000 food basket

The Ministry of Social Solidarity provided about 40,000 food basket

The Ministry of Social Solidarity is distributing about 40,000 food baskets to the most vulnerable families in all governorates of Egypt during the holy month of Ramadan with the support of the African Development Bank and in cooperation with the Egyptian Food Bank.

The food basket distributed to each family contains fava beans, dry dates, canned meat, white beans, rice, pasta, oil, sugar, white cheese, and salt, which are the basic and balanced materials needed to support the health of the most vulnerable families.

These baskets come within the ministry’s efforts to reduce the economic and social repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic in cooperation with the Ministry of International Cooperation, which provided a grant of $500,000 to support the drive.

As for the distribution mechanism, food baskets are being distributed to the directorates, departments, and social units in various governorates with the aim of reaching about 40,000 families.

The ministry has chosen the targeted families based on its databases for the most vulnerable families, who are on waiting lists in the ‘Takaful and Karama’ conditional cash support programme.

It also includes the families of widows and divorced mothers, families with children with severe and moderate disabilities, and families who take care of orphans in the most needy and poorest remote places. The food baskets will also be distributed to families of irregular employees.

These baskets are considered a continuation of the process of food support convoys provided by the Ministry of Social Solidarity, which roams throughout all of Egypt to reach poor families.

These convoys have distributed more than 6.5m food baskets since the outbreak of the pandemic.