The CSR of PT Jakarta International Hotels is to implement and promote social activities

The CSR of PT Jakarta International Hotels is to implement and promote social activities

The presence of the PT Jakarta Company in society shall remain to bring positive impact, especially for the underprivileged one. The focus of the Company does not always aim to develop its corporate business, but also to take an active role in implementing and promoting social activities.


The Company always strives to provide added value in all of its operational aspects by maintaining the balance between business interests with community interest. The corporate social responsibility is expected to be the pathway to strengthen the relationship between the Company and its surrounding communities. The corporate social responsibility activities of PT Jakarta International Hotels & Development Tbk and its subsidiaries is an on-going program that continue to bring positive impact for the community. This is the commitment by the Company and all business unit subsidiaries.


Social Community Program

The Social Community Program which were held by Company and its subsidiaries’ business units are divided into several sections as the following:

Assistance in Providing Basic Needs

In cooperation with Artha Graha Peduli, the Company and its subsidiaries’ business units have sold basic commodities (rice, cooking oil, milk, refined sugar and instant noodle) at price lower than market (50% subsidized by the Company) for underprivileged ones which were distributed in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. This program was held periodically especially around such holiday as Eid al-Fitri, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year.

Rice on Friday

The Company and its subsidiaries’ business units have also sold cheap rice (50% subsidized by the Company) on Friday. The said program was held periodically and near the final quarter of 2014. This program was held to assist the underprivileged community.

Healthcare Assistance

The healthcare assistance conducted by Company and its subsidiaries divided into several program as follow :

-Eye Health Checkup, giving free glasses and free cataract operation in cooperation with Indonesian Humanitarian Foundation;

-Blood Donation

As a contribution for society’s healthcare, in cooperation with Indonesian Red Cross, the Company together with subsidiaries’ business units have conducted blood donation program periodically with participation from all employees;

-Providing Ambulance Car

As a quick response to urgent healthcare service and emergency situation, the Company and several subsidiaries’ business units provide a fully-equipped ambulance car.

Donation for Religious Festivities

In celebrating the Eid al-Adha, the Company together with 2 (two) subsidiaries had also participated in donating animals for Qurban which were then distributed for the communities around area of operations of the Company and its subsidiaries’ business units.

Educational Assistance

The Company also provides scholarships to support education activities. In addition, the Company through the subsidiaries’ business units also provides assistance in providing sanitation equipment to be used in school area.

In celebrating of National Childrens’ Day , one of the Company’s subsidiary along with Association of Company as the Friends of Indonesian Children (APSAI) conducted educational workshop for teachers of early childhood education programs (PAUD), with theme of “Hygiene & Kids Health”, “Multiple Intelligences” and “Optimizing Family Upbringing for Great Children of Indonesia” . The workshop’s aim is to broaden the knowledge of teachers or PAUD tutors as well as supporting “Stabilization of District Implementation/Decent City for Children towards Decent Indonesia for Kids”.

Giving donation for orphans as well as social visit to nursing home are also part of social responsibility of the Company and its subsidiaries’. The Company also participated in Child Care event held by Metro TV, with title of “Voice of Children in Crisis and Conflict”. This event was held to help who are unschooled, suffering from lack of food and ophaned.

Donation for Natural Disasters Victims

Every year, the Company and its subsiadiaries’ always participate in collecting and distributing donation for victims of natural calamities such as floods in several areas of Indonesia like in Manado, Situbundo, Semarang, Kebumen and Jakarta, victims of fire in Sindanglaya and victims of landslide in Ciloto Village, Cipanas.

Environmental Preservation

The Company and its subsidiaries are commited to the protection and conservation of the natural environment by adopting and implementing the highest standard of environmental protection and conservation. All contracts or agreements entered into by the Company or any of its subsidiaries to develop or constuct building, structures, infrastructures and supporting facilities have to take into account environmental protection and conservation. If it will be negative affected to environment, the planning shall be reviewed or rejected. The environmental preservation is also done in daily operational activity through efficient use of paper, electricity and water resources within Company’s operational process.