Pillars of Pertamina’s CSR is committed to making contribution to the people’s prosperity

Pillars of Pertamina’s CSR is committed to making contribution to the people’s prosperity

As Pertamina is committed to making continuous contribution to the people’s prosperity, Pertamina has designed four pillars of the Company’s Social and Environmental Responsibilities, namely Pertamina Cerdas as the pillar of educational programs, Pertamina Sehat as the pillar of health programs, Pertamina Hijau as the pillar of environmental preservation programs, and Pertamina Berdikari as the pillar of economic empowerment programs.

Pertamina integrates the implementation of Social and Environmental Responsibilities with the business strategies  in order to promote the corporate reputation and credibility,in line with industrial supervision program of Ministry of Environment and Forestry Affairs of Republic of Indonesia, called PROPER.

Pertamina Smart

Pertamina has commitment to advancing the nation’s education. Therefore, through Pertamina Cerdas Program, Pertamina has a number of educational programs, such as the early childhood education, elementary schools and secondary education, as well as higher education.

Early Childhood Education Program

Such program is designed to give the opportunities for early childhood students at the operating area of Maos Fuel Terminal – Marketing Operation Region IV of Central Java to sign up for scholarship, while the teachers and parents can participate in training programs.

Elementary and Secondary Education

In term of Elementary and Secondary Education, Pertamina has launched several program activities, among which are Adiwiyata School program at some operational sites, Waste Academy Program at Plaju Refinery Unit III, Mangrove School at Balongan Refinery Unit VI, and Green Care School Program at Balikpapan Integrated Terminal – Marketing Operation of Region VI Kalimantan. Besides, there are also other educational activities, such as Young Innovation Project to encourage ideas of utilizing the renewable energy, Disaster Preparedness Student Program (Sigab Program) at the operating area of aviation fuel depot, DPPU Sepinggan Group, and development of education for Talang Mamak tribe at the operational site of PT Pertamina EP Field Lirik.

Higher Education

Through Pertamina Foundation, Pertamina has held a scholarship program called “Sobat Bumi” dedicated for university students across Indonesia.

Pertamina Healthy

The health aspect is one of Pertamina’s main concerns in carrying out CSR activities and in realizing the 3rd SDGs Goal, namely a Healthy and Prosperous Life. Pertamina shows its concern for the health aspect through the Pertamina Sehat Program. Pertamina Sehat covers programs in the health sector, especially maternal and child health.

Pertamina Green

Pertamina holds its commitment to preserving the environment through Pertamina Hijau Program. Under this program, Pertamina has launched a number of activities, i.e. Biodiversity Program & Mangrove Planting Program.

Biodiversity Program

Biodiversity Program of Pertamina is aimed at protecting the endemic fauna and flora that are origins from Indonesia, especially those that have been listed as protected species. Under the program, Pertamina has launched 16 biodiversity programs targeting at 400,000 flora and fauna across the archipelago.

Mangrove Planting Program

Meanwhile, Pertamina has launched Mangrove Planting Program within the operating sites of Pertamina and its subsidiaries as mangrove trees have great benefits, such as being the habitat for sea animals and other animals, to be source materials for culinary products and crafts as well as being the center for animal study and migration. In 2019, Pertamina planted about 32,000 mangrove seedlings.

Pertamina Independent

Pertamina Berdikari consists of programs aimed at empowering the local community’s economy. Under Pertamina Berdikari Program, Pertamina expects to build and develop local economic independence within the operational sites.