The CSR culture in AstroBank is aiming to raise awareness in education and volunteering initiatives

The CSR culture in AstroBank is aiming to raise awareness in education and volunteering initiatives

For AstroBank, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of its culture, values, strategy but also of its daily operations. its vision is to operate responsibly as a social active member of the society it operates in. it wants to reciprocate the trust the society has put in  AstroBank, by contributing with collective actions for a better tomorrow.   AstroBank  always aim to act as a dynamic force for commonwealth, by adding value to the lives of its employees, customers, collaborators, shareholders, national economy, the society and its fellow human beings.

This commitment started, when  AstroBank  were operating as Bank of Piraeus Cyprus. For more than 10 years,  AstroBank  invest greatly in Corporate Social Responsibility, upgrading constantly its planning and actions.  AstroBank  always strongly reinforce its available resources, exploit its experiences over the years and improve its planning in order to respond even better to the expectations and the needs of the cypriot society.

Today, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of AstroBank overall stragey planning. its schedule:

  • Is implemented methodically.
  • Is committed to long term goals.
  • Includes a vast number of sectors.
  • Is built on solid collaborations.
  • Promotes volunteerism, contribution and collective effort.

Its Corporate Social Responsibility actions, are aimed and developed around 4 basic pillars:

  • Society
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Environment

AstroBank support the yearly event «Πορεία με τις Ροζ Φιγούρες», in a collaboration with Europa Donna Cyprus. It is an initiative aiming to raise awareness of the general public in matters related to Breast Cancer and empowerment of women fighting with bravery this disease.

In such challenging times, both economic and social wise,  AstroBank  continue to focus on the human being itself and its needs. Serving this purpose,  AstroBank  therefore systematecally contribute to the actions of several public benefit organizations through sponsorships and volunteering, like:

  • Red Cross Organization Cyprus
  • Cyprus Autistic Association
  • Breast Feeding Organization Cyprus
  • Vagoni Agapis
  • Alkionides
  • Theotokos Foundation
  • Cyprus Association “One dream, one wish”


AstroBank aim is to support the new generation of this country, by providing to children and young adults the equipment as well as inspiration to change their lives for the best. Within this framework, AstroBank collaborate with the Junior Achievement Cyprus in order to promote entrepreneurship through learning. systematically support the actions of this organization in order to encourage children to undertake innovative entrepreneur skills. AstroBank support to the organization is offered through sponsorships as well as volunteering of its staff to mentor groups of students interested in exploring and developing their entrepreneurial skills further.


AstroBank believe access to its civil culture is every citizen’s right. For this reason AstroBank support several cultural events in collaborations with municipalities and other organizations.


AstroBank carry out good practices within the Bank, in order to minimize carbonate imprints. AstroBank support environmentally friendly solutions being adopted amongst society. AstroBank have so far contributed by donating more than 350 recycle bins to Municipalities and Schools.


AstroBank is its own people. its employees have always been the driving force behind the Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

As an organization, AstroBank actively promote volunteerism as an integral part of its culture. Every year, more and more of its employees participate in the actions of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, dedicating their time, knowledge, creativity and effort in order to create a positive outcome to society.