The Central Bank discharges CSR by implementing various socio-cultural projects

The Central Bank discharges CSR by implementing various socio-cultural projects

The Central Bank discharges corporate social responsibility by implementing various socio-cultural projects to render social support to functional values it creates in the country economy. The Central Bank’s intellectual CSR activities mainly provide for close participation in development of educational, cultural, sports, ecology and other socio-cultural areas.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility projects

‘Financial literacy’

‘Financial literacy’ is a dedicated project that combines various education related intellectual projects of the Central Bank. The Bank provides systemic and institutional activities for the sake of financial literacy and economic awareness of its target groups.

A modern lyceum-school complex named after Mubariz Ibrahimov, the National Hero of the Republic of Azerbaijan is functioning in the town of Bilasuvar at the support of the Central Bank.

Pedagogical staff of the school is selected by a series of test examinations. The educational complex with total 1,3 ha area has lighting, cooling, heating and water purifying systems up to international standards. There are 28 classroms (a teachers’ room, studies, labs, computer hall), sport and dance halls in the lyceum. The complex also has a wi-fi equipped library, and 5 e-boards (smart board) are installed in classrooms. Parents, if willing, may live observe lessons in the ‘Open classroom’ located on the first floor.

To increase the level of education, the lyceum provides free-of-charge education, lyceum uniform, hot meals twice a day, a special aid fund for children from low-income families, and a service bus for pupils and teachers residing in the distance of 5-40 kms.

To help childern have an effective leasure time the lyceum is planning to launch various clubs, circles, sport sections, a song and dance ensemble, and a lyceum theatre. The ‘School journalism’ and ‘Debate’ projects are implemented as part of the social oriented educational programs.

Recycle paper – save trees’

The Central Bank implements a waste paper recycling sub-project under the motto ‘Recycle paper – save trees’. The goal of the project is to deliver the paper to recycling companies contributing to environmental and nature protection by channelling the waste paper to re-production. The project in question allows to deliver about 4 ton of paper to recycling over a year, which prevents cutting off of at least 60 trees for industrial purposes a year.

Blood donation

The Central Bank holds regular blood donation campaigns.

Volunteering Bank employees pass a medical check for the blood donation action, carried out by the employees of the Azerbaijan Thalassemia Federation and the mobile task force of the Central Blood Bank of the Scientific Research Hematology and Trans-Physiology Institute named after B.A.Eyvazov.

Collected blood is used in treatment of patients with hemophilia and thalassemia, as well as for peoplein need of blood.