The Bank’s social priorities: financing projects in children’s health care, education

The Bank's social priorities: financing projects in children's health care - education

Halyk Bank: Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

Halyk Bank, as one of the leading financial institutions in Kazakhstan, has taken on a significant social mission. The bank ensures the timely payment of pensions and benefits to the people of Kazakhstan and actively participates in various charitable and community-focused initiatives through the Halyk Foundation, established by the shareholders of the Group.

Key Focus Areas

The bank’s social priorities include financing projects in children’s healthcare, education, culture, art, sports, environmental protection, and care for children without parental care.

Notable Projects and Initiatives

  1. Theatre of Opera and Ballet Named After Abay
    • For over a decade, Halyk Bank (and previously Kazkommertsbank) has supported this theater, including its premieres. This support extends to both of Kazakhstan’s main opera and ballet stages.
  2. Smart Halyk
    • A popular science YouTube channel in Russian and Kazakh aimed at increasing interest in science among pupils and students, improving their educational status, and helping them choose future professions and prepare for university entrance.
  3. 95 Acts of Kindness
    • A marathon of charity events dedicated to the bank’s 95th anniversary, including playgrounds and public ice skating.
  4. Emergencies
    • Contributions to environmental preservation and emergency aid relief.
  5. The Cup of Hope
    • An annual basketball championship sponsored by the Halyk Charity Fund and the National Federation for orphans and residential schools in Almaty.
  6. New Year’s Miracle
    • An annual New Year’s Eve event sponsored by the Halyk Charity Fund for children receiving long-term treatment in healthcare facilities across 22 cities in Kazakhstan.
  7. Invotaxi
    • Provision of specialized vehicles for disabled people to organizations in 16 regions across Kazakhstan.
  8. Our Courtyard
    • Installation of child-friendly playgrounds and modern sports and gaming equipment across Kazakhstan.
  9. The Road to School
    • A charity event supporting needy and large families on the eve of a new school year, coinciding with the nationwide charity event “The Road to School.”
  10. Marathon of Victory
    • A traditional event honoring Victory Day, providing targeted financial assistance to participants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War and participants of the Labor Front.
  11. Gymnastics Federation
    • Support for the Kazakhstan Gymnastics Federation, chaired by Umut Shayakhmetova, CEO of Halyk Bank, including various regional gymnastics federations.
  12. FC Kairat
    • A longstanding partnership with one of Kazakhstan’s top football clubs.
  13. Students Futsal
    • Sponsorship of the National Student Futsal League and the Annual Futsal Cup among top universities in Kazakhstan, including the Students Futsal World Cup in Almaty.
  14. Halyk League
    • A social sports project aimed at developing basketball in 18 sponsored orphanages and residential schools across Kazakhstan.
  15. Halyk Arena
    • Support for the development of athletics facilities in Almaty, including the Halyk Arena, an ice rink with a seating capacity of up to 3,000, following the success of the 28th World Winter Universiade.
  16. Astana Opera
    • General partnership with The State Opera and Ballet Theatre “Astana Opera,” a key stage venue in Kazakhstan attracting local and international attention.

Through these initiatives, Halyk Bank demonstrates its commitment to contributing positively to the social, cultural, and environmental landscape of Kazakhstan.