MoraBanc Focused on the country’s sustainable development

MoraBanc Focused on the country’s sustainable development

We consider that settling a good example outside our usual framework of action also has an influence on client satisfaction. We have always regarded being socially responsible and doing our bit to improve our community as our duty.=

Therefore, aligned with our commitment with society, we have incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as a starting point to tailor our activity to the great economic, social and environmental challenges we face  on a global scale.

MoraBanc and culture

We are full aware of the important role culture plays in the country’s development. That is why we have focused our efforts in two directions: enabling cultural distributionin our society and promoting cultural contests and events in the area.

MoraBanc and sports

We are immensely proud to have our name associated with our country’s basketball team. Additionally, we sponsor other sports competitions, some of them with a spirit of solidarity.

MoraBanc and our basketball team

we have been strong supporters of our basketball team, Bàsquet Club MoraBanc Andorra, which returned to the Spanish Liga ACB  and carries our name. We have signed a sponsorship agreement for 10 more years and we offer the Visa Bàsquet card, with special benefits for MoraBanc Andorra basketball supporters.

We support FC Andorra and the country’s sports

Andorra is an ideal environment for practising sports, and therefore sports have become a part of the country’s identity:

We are the main sponsor of FC Andorra, a football team managed by player Gerard Piqué’s Kosmos company, whose ambition is to grow and reach the top European league. Do you want a FC Andorra card?  Learn more about our Visa MoraBanc Futbol and get one!

MoraBanc collaborates in competitions such as mountaineering skiing and Font Blanca’s race (featured in the World Cup)

Supporting youth teams

MoraBanc supports grassroots sport by collaborating in different initiatives that encourage children to take part in sporting activities:

MoraBanc Andorra Junior Team which forms part of our Bàsquet MoraBanc Andorra sponsorship.

Complete sponsorship of the Ski Club Pas de la Casa Grau Roig, including youth categories

MoraBanc and sports

Sporting events to aid the fight against breast cancer

Women’s Race is organised in Andorra every year and MoraBanc contributes to its cause: the fight against breast cancer. Thousands of participants of all ages take part, aware that this illness affects a significant number of women every year.

MoraBanc and our community

In addition to incorporating the Solidarity card into our product portfolio, we take huge pride in the activities in which we participate which help our society – we have focused our efforts in fighting child poverty and helping our country’s entrepreneurs. None of those actions would be possible without the involvement of all our clients and employees