Infocredit Group is one of the active founding members of CSR Cyprus

Infocredit Group is one of the active founding members of CSR Cyprus.

Established in November 2016 in the form of a non-profit organisation, CSR Cyprus is the national corporate network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Cyprus. The main objective of the network is to promote, develop and implement CSR and its visibility to both the business world as well as the social environment, with the ultimate objective of achieving balanced profitability and sustainable development.

As members CSR Cyprus, Infocredit Group benefits from its participation by being able to communicate and promote their actions on CSR through the available communication channels of the CSR network through joint social actions, corporate volunteering, etc., attending regular meetings of members for exchange of views and good practices, taking part in educational actions and seminars, gaining access to CSR tools and benefiting from the network’s participation in European programs, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Infocredit Group is committed to maintaining a socially responsible attitude in terms of how our business operations impact both the local and global environment. The CSR activities of our organisation co-exist in line with our company regulations and procedures as well as our code of conduct.

The CSR activities of Infocredit Group Ltd are divided into the following:

Internal activities:

  1. A fair human resources management policy which relies on the:
    • continuous training of employees in areas deemed necessary
    • continuous effort to improve internal communication
  1. Respecting employees’ rights by:
    • practicing the balance between work, family and leisure
    • applying equal pay and career prospects for women
    • removing policies with any form of discrimination
  1. Health and safety at work

Special attention is given to the operation of the Health & Safety Commission and specially trained staff guarantees that health and safety at work is properly maintained.

Ethical Approach

Infocredit Group adopts an ethical approach in terms of business operations. We constantly review our strategies and procedures in order to ensure that we do not have a detrimental impact on the local communities in which we operate. Additionally, it is fundamentally important that during the course of any investigation, we do not intrude or interrupt the normal operations of a company or individual, their land, property or working environment.

Compliance & Risk Management

Infocredit Group has established an integrated management system to ensure procedures exist and are implemented across all business levels. We adopt a risk management strategy which takes into account international regulations regarding compliance, health and safety, employment practices and business operations. Additionally, we implement a verification process for all potential clients, partners and external suppliers before cooperation begins.

External activities:

  1. The company implements environmental practices such as the use of non-polluting cleaners, paperless management systems, recycling, etc.
  2. The company also operates under the umbrella of the UN GLOBAL CONTACT adopting practices such as:
    • Combating money laundering
    • Anti-bribery
    • Business Continuity Assurance – ISO 22301
    • Policies for vulnerable customers etc.
  1. Infocredit Group Ltd contributes to the social environment and tries to promote awareness around these goals.
  2. Infocredit Group actively contributes to charitable purposes/organisations.
  3. Infocredit Group supports and encourages employees and associates to contribute to the local community. This is usually done in partnership with other organisations.

Community & Charity

We aim to positively contribute to the local community in which we are active. We believe it is important to support local initiatives and actively involve ourselves in projects which aid the development of the community, including fundraising programmes.

As part of Infocredit Group’s corporate social responsibility, each year, we participate in the Telethon, an annual international charity institution organised by Institute of Neurology and MDA in Cyprus.

Infocredit Group staff actively participates in fundraising and ticket sales as part of the Telethon campaign, engaging in local community activities.

We are also proud donors and supporters of various associations including the Cyprus Autistic Association, the Anti-Cancer Society, the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Heart Disease and the World Pancreatic Cancer Day.