CSR at Remedica centred upon improving the health and lives of people worldwide

CSR at Remedica centred upon improving the health and lives of people worldwide

Remedica’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is based on its vision and mission statements which are centred upon improving the health and lives of people worldwide by providing high quality, safe and efficacious pharmaceutical products at affordable prices as well as a range of health and care products that improve the quality of human through prevention, medication and intervention in all stages of their lives. The company also ensures that it follows its ethical code of conduct in all its practices, which is based on transparency and trust amongst employees as well as with its customers, suppliers and trading partners. In particular, Remedica places a strong emphasis on employees’ wellbeing and promotes professional development through frequent training programmes.

Remedica’s CSR standards

Remedica’s Corporate Social Responsibility extends to its entire operations, with the company constantly striving to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other employment standards.
  • Have a Stakeholder Dialogue.
  • Deal with honesty and integrity in all its activities and relationships with others.
  • Encourage employee volunteerism through the “Remedica Volunteer” project, the mission of which is to organise and/or participate in various events with themes like the environment, health, education and charity.

Remedica’s contribution to the Cypriot economy is undoubtedly very important, so its social footprint was incorporated early on into its DNA. Through various policies and processes, the company aims to ensure quality of life through health and promotes sustainability and economic growth as well as a healthy workplace.

Today the company’s corporate social responsibility program is linked to its mission. In addition, the company is a founding member of CSR Cyprus, an independent, non-profit, business-led membership organisation which aims to promote Corporate Social Responsibility and the sustainability of Cypriot businesses and organisations (Cyprus Corporate Social Responsibility Network).

For its philanthropy and overall contribution to society, for its commitment to health  and safety at the workplace, and for its Corporate Social Responsibility practices, Remedica was honoured with many awards such as  the “Healthy Workplace” Awards, the “Active Citizen” Award, the “Gold Environment Protector Award”,  the “CSR Award”, two Cyprus HR Awards and many more.

Some of Remedica’s Corporate Responsibility practices and projects that have been implemented or that are ongoing are the following:

  • Donations of pharmaceutical products (in Cyprus and abroad).
  • School Students’ educational visits to its facilities in order for them to be informed regarding its company’s operations and to be encouraged to pursue pharmaceutical studies.
  • University student visits to the state-of-the-art facilities of the company.
  • Financial and in-kind support to several non-governmental organisations and other non-profit institutions mainly related to health.
  • Employee health and safety training.
  • Postgraduate Fellowships in Management at the Department of Management Science and Innovation at University College London (UCL).
  • Funding for the Remedica Open Access Author Fund to financially support academic publications in open access journals and books, where the content of the articles is freely available online.
  • Awards to students who have excelled.
  • Employee Volunteering through the “Remedica Volunteers” team.
  • Collaboration with various academic institutions in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Equal opportunities and social benefits to employees.
  • Annual blood donations, establishing one of the largest blood banks in Cyprus.
  • Recycling (paper, batteries, household waste, electrical / electronic appliances etc.)
  • Environmental training through seminars, subscriptions to environmental magazines, inclusion of articles in the company’s newsletter and in-house campaigns to increase employees’ sense of responsibility for the environment.
  • Photovoltaic system with an annual output of 239,328 KWh and with annual savings of € 32,000, CO2 208,215 kg which equals to 315 trees annually.
  • Utilisation of solar thermal energy. Annual power generation equivalent to 470,000 KWh. Saving 48,500 liters of oil, 130,000 kg of CO2 and € 65,000 per year.
  • Financial support of social groceries in Cyprus.