GWM CSR is committed to enhance business performance

GWM CSR is committed to enhance business performance

As the leader of China’s automobile industry and a private automobile enterprise in Hebei Province, GWM has always kept in mind the practical implementation of its corporate social responsibility for decades. It actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility in such aspects as shareholders and their rights and interests’ protection, employees’ rights and interests’ protection, suppliers’/customers’ rights and interests’ protection, product health and safety, environmental protection and sustainable development, and social welfare.

In pursuit of mutual benefit, harmony and win-win, we actively expand our presence in domestic and international automobile markets to enhance business performance and attach great importance to shareholders’ investment returns while balancing our sustainable development and dividend distribution. We have established an effective information disclosure management system and actively perform our obligation of information disclosure in accordance with the laws and regulations.

We pursue the strategic objective of becoming a market leader highly acclaimed by customers and strive to provide customers with high-quality service experience following the service principle of “integrity, sincerity, professionalism and uniqueness” in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. We focus on developing service functions and enhancing brand image to provide customers with more convenient and better services.

We sign a Sunshine Agreement each supplier as a precondition for cooperation and promote our growth with integrity and honesty and seek win-win cooperation with suppliers in an effort to create a “fair, equal, open and transparent” cooperative environment.

We closely collaborate with suppliers in product development, quality control and product delivery on the premise of mutual support and sharing of achievements. In order to protect the interests of suppliers against price fluctuation of raw materials, we have entered into a Price Adjustment Agreement with each supplier to ensure their profitability.

Providing Safe and Healthy Workplace as Part of Putting People First

We implement a multi-level production safety accountability system and constantly improve our occupational health and safety management system to ensure the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of such system in strict compliance with the laws and regulations. Meanwhile, we establish and improve staff health records, organize occupational staff to take occupational health examination.

Recruiting Highly-Educated Graduates of Key Universities

We established a postdoctoral research center in May 2006 after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Personnel of the PRC and the National Post-doctoral Management Committee. We actively innovate in personnel training mode and always align personnel training with business needs to help staff enhance capabilities and thrive rapidly.

Establishing Career Development Platform to Help Staff Thrive

We have established a career development system that is based on performance and competency evaluation, sound talent development and fair internal competition, driven by remuneration adjustment, and supplemented by career development counseling.

Creation of Joyful Life for Employees to Promote Their Sense of Belonging and Satisfaction

Upholding the philosophy of “put people first and care for employees”, we provide guarantee and personal support for the lives of employees in many aspects so that they can work and live in peace with greater work initiative and happiness.


We hold the principle of “green production and sustainable development”, follow the strategic deployment of state construction of ecological civilization and aim to promote the sustainable development of the whole industry chain and the full-life cycle of products, striving to build a green manufacturing system of high-efficiency, cleanness, low-carbon and recycle.


Establishing Pragmatic System for Public Welfare Undertakings That Engage All Employees

We promise to act as a real corporate citizen and use our brand resources to promote harmonious development of people, vehicles and the environment. We show strong support for the scientific research of automobile major in national key universities, and help build hope primary schools in poverty-stricken areas.

Upholding the “Poverty Alleviation” Mission to Establish a Comprehensive Poverty Alleviation System

We attach great importance to poverty alleviation and also designate personnel to visit and investigate the poverty-stricken areas in the province, in order to understand the status quo of poverty. According to our targeted poverty alleviation plans, we continued to improve the infrastructure, healthcare, education and other public facilities.