CSR policies and programmes are integral to a Fuzion’s responsibility

CSR policies and programmes are integral to a Fuzion’s responsibility

CSR policies and programmes are integral to a company’s responsibility, reputation and positive contribution to the wider community. While Corporate Social Responsibility remains a voluntary activity, there is a growing demand and expectation on businesses to actively engage in programmes that give back to society.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Fuzion with offices in Dublin and Cork, Ireland provides expertise on how to develop, manage and implement effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes in line with your organisation’s core vision, values and strategy.

While CSR is not pursued with the goal of generating a profit, an effective and strategic programme can have real and quantifiable benefits for an organisation. Well-planned and carefully implemented programmes can be a powerful branding and reputation driver, leading to positive PR that not only attracts potential customers but also highly-skilled employees.

Fuzion can provide consultation and devise CSR programmes that are:

  • Community-based g. volunteering, fundraising, sponsorship.
  • Environment-based g. environmental footprint and sustainability.
  • Workplace-based g. awards and employee programmes investment.

CSR Benefits

There can be many benefits of a strategic and effective CSR programme:

  • Positive perception of your brand to customers and public
  • Reputation driver for your organisation’s values and commitment
  • Motivating activity for your team
  • Talent acquisition – high calibre staff attracted by engaging CSR activities
  • Brand awareness – in community and public
  • Public relations – vehicle for positive publicity in the media
  • Positioning – commercial benefits through alliances, sponsorship and contribution
  • Networking and lobbying opportunities
  • Awards opportunity for your organization