Business impacting education in Ireland

Business impacting education in Ireland

Business Action on Education is a nationwide initiative that aims to develop mutually beneficial partnerships between schools and businesses in Ireland which support the Government’s overall strategy on educational inclusion.

They operate by matching individual schools that are targeted through the School Completion Programme with a local company. they are the only business-education programme in Ireland that receives matching Government funds under the National Development Plan.  their suite of six programmes supports students, principals, teachers, the STEM agenda and children’s literacy & numeracy in primary schools.

To date over 400 partnerships have been established nationally, impacting over  43,000 students nationwide Our primary school programme, Time to Read was first piloted  and has since involved almost 2,000 children

Companies who join the Network for Responsible Business can access their Business Action on Education programmes.

The benefits of the Business Action on Education programme to companies are significant:

Access to ‘off the shelf’ employee engagement opportunities

Practical supports for enhancing diversity and inclusion in Irish society

Opportunity to be a positive influence in a young person’s life

Training opportunity for staff when it comes to leadership and mentoring

Improved reputation and trust with local communities

A clear signal to employees of commitment to a key national issue

Measurable impacts and detailed reports.