CSR is a fundamental part of Carlos Slim Helú business strategy and culture

CSR is a fundamental part of Carlos Slim Helú business strategy and culture

Carlos Slim Foundation

Founded in 1986, the Carlos Slim Foundation is committed to high-impact programs benefiting Latin America’s most vulnerable populations. With a strong sense of social responsibility and efficiency, the Foundation operates in various sectors including education, health, employment, economic development, migrants, road safety, sports, environment, justice, culture, human development, and humanitarian aid. These efforts aim to improve quality of life, foster human capital formation, and create opportunities for comprehensive development.

Education Initiatives

  • Aprende.org: A platform offering educational tools accessible via mobile devices to anyone with a Telcel chip, promoting free learning opportunities. To date, it has attracted 9,739,128 visitors and 338,658 registrations.
  • PruébaT.org: A platform enhancing cognitive skills through interactive courses and gamified quizzes in subjects like Math, Science, Language, Digital Skills, and more.
  • Early Education Support: Providing training to families and organizations involved in child development to promote integral growth.
  • Digital Libraries: Digital learning centers providing access to IT resources and educational activities.

Environmental Initiatives

  • WWF-Carlos Slim Foundation Partnership: Collaborating on biodiversity conservation in priority regions across Mexico, addressing climate change at the national level.
  • Jaguar Protection in Mexico: Supporting conservation efforts and sustainable development compatible with protecting the jaguar.
  • Mexican Biodiversity Collection: Publications promoting awareness and preservation of Mexico’s biological diversity.

Humanitarian Aid

  • Support in Natural Disasters: Providing immediate assistance including food, mattresses, blankets, water treatment, and electricity to affected populations.
  • Haiti Support Fund: Partnering with international organizations to aid economic and social development post-earthquake.
  • Telmex Volunteer Network: Engaging Telmex employees and volunteers in community service, including educational activities and disaster relief efforts.