ADO CSR is to participate with the campaign with the Childhood Anticancer Alliance

ADO CSR is to participate with the campaign with the Childhood Anticancer Alliance

ADO’s Social Responsibility Initiatives

ADO has received the Socially Responsible Company Distinction for the eighth consecutive year. This recognition, granted annually in Mexico by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) and AliaRSE, aims to certify participating companies as organizations committed to socially responsible management.

Community Impact

ADO, in collaboration with Fundación ADO, has implemented various impactful initiatives over the past decade. Examples include:

  • Caravana Rosa: A campaign supporting breast cancer awareness in partnership with FUCAM, providing approximately 5,500 mammograms to date.
  • Route of the Insurgency: This initiative has benefited over 7,500 individuals over 63 years, rewarding top-performing primary school students in Veracruz and promoting academic and social excellence.

Environmental Commitment

In recent years, ADO has intensified its environmental efforts, outfitting 18 terminals with sustainable technology and engaging in initiatives to improve and protect the environment.

Volunteerism and Community Engagement

ADO operates a volunteer program in partnership with the Childhood Anticancer Alliance, where employees collect plastic caps for donation, totaling over 700 kg in donations annually.

Industry Leadership

With over 76 years of experience, ADO leads Mexico’s comprehensive mobility industry, focusing on Social Responsibility and setting benchmarks in passenger transport and corporate responsibility across the country.