Croatia: Sustainable development goals in the national framework of strategic planning

Croatia: Sustainable development goals in the national framework of strategic planning

Sustainable development goals in the national framework of strategic planning

In addition to its responsibility for the national implementation of sustainable development goals, Croatia is fully committed to comprehensive implementation of Agenda 2030, both within the framework of the United Nations and within the framework of the European Union where, together with other Member States of the European Union, coordinates and develops its views in regard of the sustainable development.

Bearing in mind the complexity of Agenda 2030 and its inevitable impact on the overall social and economic development, the Government of Croatia, with a view to coordinating the implementation of sustainable development goals at the highest level of the executive branch, established the National Council for Sustainable Development.

The establishment of the Council ensures political importance and visibility of the long-term process of implementation of Agenda 2030, as well as compliance with other policies, strategies and activities of the Croatian Government.

Integrated approach to sustainable development and implementation of Agenda 2030

The 2030 National Development Strategy (NDS) is being drafted, and its adoption is expected in the first quarter of 2020. Creating the NDS, and the establishment of an integrated system of strategic planning, will for the first time in Croatia enable access to long-term development planning at the level of national, local and regional-self government. The NDS is a key Croatian strategic document for the period until 2030 and will constitute the basis for the design and implementation of public policies and realization of the vision of Croatia as an open and globally competitive country.

Involvement of citizens in the achievement of sustainable development goals

In the process of elaboration of the 2030 National Development Strategy and determining the strategic framework for the implementation of the sustainable development goals, numerous communication activities, participatory workshops, conferences and round tables on the subject of “Croatia 2030: The Croatia we want”, target different groups of stakeholders in sustainable development (from the public sector, civil society, academia, the private sector to children and young people). In cooperation between the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the competent state administrative bodies, a conference was organized to “Support Sustainable” aiming for a multi-sectoral consultation process on the content of the first Voluntary National Review.