Corporate Social Responsibility: Special Olympics Belgium

Corporate Social Responsibility: Special Olympics Belgium

The partnership between KOAN Law Firm and Special Olympics Belgium (SOB) is a match made in heaven. Both parties envision a positive impact on society and strive for community involvement and inclusion. That’s why, in light of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, KOAN has chosen to become one of the structural partners of SOB. A collaboration that inspires great enthusiasm in both organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Partnering with Special Olympics Belgium was a great opportunity for KOAN to showcase its social responsibility and community involvement. The firm shows CSR through a variety of projects ranging from the introduction of flexible work and the reduction of the use of paper and plastic to supporting a charitable cause such as SOB. The partnership with SOB is an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society, to highlight KOAN’s public commitment and thus humanize the firm by putting purpose, the athletes and their family’s happiness before profit.

Support in and out of the office:

KOAN mainly sponsors SOB by providing pro bono legal work throughout the year, but the support doesn’t stop there. Whenever there’s an SOB event, a team of KOAN lawyers and staff helps out wherever possible. Approximately twenty KOANers volunteered at the SOB National Games. At the inauguration of SOB’s National Games last year, a KOAN team joined the SOB athletes in the Torch Run. The team spirit at KOAN visibly benefits from the SOB events.

Strong partners:

Why KOAN and SOB make such strong partners? Because they truly understand each other and share the same values and goals. SOB aims for inclusion by providing opportunities for athletes with an intellectual disability. KOAN works towards helping its clients cooperate and overcoming differences. Our lawyers and staff are extremely pleased to work with an organization as committed as SOB. In turn, SOB feels buoyed by our support and by having our team of experts in their corner.