At CCU – Sustainability constitutes one of the three strategic pillars of the company

At CCU - Sustainability constitutes one of the three strategic pillars of the company

At CCU, Sustainability constitutes one of the three strategic pillars of the company, along with Profitability and Growth. Together, they make up the roadmap to capture the Being CCU and its Purpose: “We are passionate about creating experiences to share a better life together”.

CCU’s commitment integrates the challenges of economic, environmental and social performance, which are at the center of its activity. Likewise, it seeks to ensure its long-term value, taking into consideration the current and future well-being of all the people with whom it interacts, the care of the environment and the development of its brands.

The company formalizes its strategic objectives through its CCU Sustainability Management Model made up of three axes: “People who move us”; “Planet we watch over” and “Brands that inspire us”.

The foregoing in line with the best practices of the industry worldwide and with international standards, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CCU has a Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Management, it is the governance body that directs and transversally articulates all the initiatives of the CCU Sustainability Management Model. In addition, it analyzes conjunctural situations and monitors new industry regulations.

It also has 10 subcommittees, which carry out the monitoring and continuous improvement of each axis of the CCU Sustainability Management Model, its members are specialists in each matter to be addressed, considering the best practices.

The company’s performance in the economic, environmental and social spheres is highlighted by various international and national institutions, being part of the Dow Jones Sustainability MILA Pacific Alliance Index, Dow Jones Sustainability Index of Chile, FTSE4Good Index Series Status and S&P IPSA ESG Tilted Index of the Santiago Stock Exchange.

Sustainability News

Shalim Miranda, owner of minimarket: “If customers return, it is a sign that we are doing well”

At just 30 years old, Shalim Miranda has just opened her fourth minimarket in Ancud. To achieve this he has traveled a successful path, but full of challenges that he has overcome with perseverance, confidence and a lot of work.

At 27, Shalim Miranda turned his life around. After being fired from a salmon farm, this senior automotive technician returned to his native Chiloé to try his luck as an independent. With the compensation, he bought a collective, worked it for a year and, when the opportunity presented itself, he did not hesitate to take it.

“They offered me a patent for alcohol and, with the savings from the taxi, I bought it. Neither I nor my family had owned a business. But I took the risk ”, he says from Ancud. This is how “El Golden” was born, his first mini-market located in the Bellavista sector of that city. A place that grew rapidly thanks to the assortment of its products, friendly service and good prices, but which caused the inconvenience of the adjoining business. So much so that, shortly after, and as a result of the latter’s complaint, he had to unexpectedly close the premises. The Golden exceeded by 4 meters the distance allowed by law to be located near a medical center.

Shalim was taken aback. He had all the previous municipal authorizations. He never imagined that his endeavor would end that way. “From one moment to another I found myself between a rock and a hard place. Without my premises. Very stressed, with debts to pay and my partner was pregnant, ”he says.

Since then, Shalim’s story has been one of perseverance and hard work. Despite his difficulties, today at the age of 30, he has just inaugurated his fourth minimarket also in Ancud. How did he do it?

FOLLOW THE DREAM: “When my first store closed, I didn’t know how I was going to solve everything. But I wanted to continue and I believed in that. My father, a principal of a school, covered my debts and I worked transporting seafood for months. Thanks to that and to the investment that my father and brother also made – current partners of the stores – I tried again and we opened a second store that has since been called M Market ”.

SEIZING THE OPPORTUNITIES: “We also returned to the old Golden and reopened it as M Market, mini-market and fast food, and it went well for us. The following year, they offered me a place near the bus terminal, I took a loan and we started it. And last February, we opened our fourth business. We dared and it worked for us. We will continue looking for opportunities. ”

FOCUS ON THE BUSINESS AND THE CUSTOMER: “To have good results, it is important that the premises are clean and tidy, that they have a variety of products, that customers find what they are looking for and, above all, that they receive good service. If customers return, it is a sign that we are doing well ”.

80 CCU work centers are recognized for their management during a pandemic.

The ACHS certified them with the COVID-19 Seal.

80 CCU facilities were distinguished with the COVID-19 Seal of the Chilean Security Association, ACHS, for the sanitary measures implemented to prevent contagion from their workers during the pandemic.

“Putting our workers, their health and safety first was of the utmost importance at the beginning of the pandemic. We implement a series of measures which have been recognized once again. We are very proud that 80 work centers achieved the certification of the ACHS COVID-19 Seal, which gives us peace of mind that we have developed the correct tools to protect our workers”, commented Gabriela Ugalde, Corporate Manager of Human Resources by CCU.

At the beginning of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, CCU focused on preserving the health of its workers and all the people with whom it relates, and secondly, continuing to supply its customers and consumers without interruption. To do this, it implemented a robust regional plan in the six countries where it operates, which has multiple initiatives.

Along with complying with the measures dictated by the authorities, in April the company formed an epidemiological committee with a high-level external adviser, established seven corporate COVID-19 protocols in each of its work centers, and periodically informed its workers about the preventive and self-care measures, developed the COVID-19 Golden Rules, formed a team with the Quality of Life area to strengthen traceability and reduce the chain of contagion, and facilitated teleworking for thousands of people, whenever possible, among other.