YPF’s sustainability: Lead the future of energy

YPF’s sustainability: Lead the future of energy

Energy is essential for economic development and people’s quality of life, and this is reflected in the ever-increasing demand for power at national and global level.

We acknowledge the pressing need to reconcile the growing demand for energy with a future low in carbon emissions, and meet the challenges that this entails.

A clean and efficient energy future involves the use of renewable energy sources, a higher penetration of cleaner energies such as natural gas, and improvement in the quality of liquid fuels, biofuels, and energy efficiency and resource initiatives. Each region or country will have to develop its own roadmap for transition based on its specific starting point, resource availability and capabilities.

YPF’s vision is to be a competitive, integrated energy company leading energy transition in Argentina and focused in generating affordable and sustainable energy. Sustainability is embedded into our operations and strategy.

We are inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, and we are committed to the Ten principles of the United Nation’s Global Compact.