With COVID under control – Canada gains competitive edge among international students

With COVID under control - Canada gains competitive edge among international students

Led by a dynamic team of public health professionals, informed by science and a commitment to social responsibility, Canadians are now in the envious position of being able to contemplate key elements of a safe and steady reopening of our economy.

Canada is a culturally diverse, trading nation whose bright future is in no small part reliant on welcoming highly skilled people who can help build a stronger country for future generations. For our national economy to make the comeback we need, a national plan that will position Canada for future growth is urgently required.

A critical part of any economic recovery plan must include a safe and thoughtful strategy to re-engage with the economically and culturally relevant cohort of international students that visit Canada every year.

Canada relies upon open borders to welcome foreign students and to support the policy objectives of all governments.

International students help create significant, middle-class jobs and economic growth in over 100 communities across Canada. In 2019 alone, Canada hosted a record 628,000 international students from around the globe, 150,000 of them for English- and/or French-language education. International students generate $22 billion in export revenue each year in tuition and living expenses alone, creating 170,000 Canadian jobs and contributing significantly to Canadian tourism, food and beverage, retail, entertainment, housing and services sectors.

Many of these bright young students ultimately decide to pursue a path to Canadian citizenship, thus joining us all in our collective efforts of nation-building.