The creation of great works of art forms one of the four pillars of BIL’s social responsibility

The creation of great works of art forms one of the four pillars of BIL's social responsibility

Supporting the Arts: A Commitment to Culture and Community

Our bank sees supporting the creation of art and promoting it by providing suitable spaces for artistic expression as a means of affirming our role as an actor engaged in Luxembourg’s economic, social, and cultural development.

In this regard, BIL is honored to welcome Art2Cure once again. We are certain that the many art lovers who are regular visitors to our gallery will find themselves enamored of its rich and pluralistic works.

Art and culture are synonymous with freedom, expression, exploration, and renewal. These are values and ways of being upon which we draw daily to find answers that allow us to look to the future with optimism. BIL has been supporting local artists for several decades because their work inspires us and pushes us to go ever further. Today, the creation of great works of art and culture forms one of the four pillars of our corporate social responsibility policy (CSR). BIL pursues a holistic, multi-year strategy that, in addition to art, focuses on innovation, education, and public health. This approach is put into practice through sustainable partnerships and support for numerous concrete initiatives that help Luxembourg society.

What is Art2Cure?

Art2Cure is a Luxembourgish non-profit organization that runs art exhibits to raise funds for biomedical research carried out by Luxembourg-based researchers, often in collaboration with international partners. Gilles Weidig and Philippe Lamesch developed the concept for Art2Cure and organized the first such event in Luxembourg on a small scale with 14 Luxembourg-based artists. Since these early days, Art2Cure has seen substantial growth.

Art2Cure started partnering with Banque Internationale Luxembourg, which hosted the second and third editions of the art fundraiser within the premises of their well-known gallery in Luxembourg City. Thanks to this partnership, it became possible to organize exhibitions on a much larger scale, with dozens of artists participating in each event, counting almost 2,000 visitors over the last two years. Art2Cure has raised more than EUR 150,000 to support biomedical research at the University of Luxembourg (UL) as well as local charities. In 2020, the proceeds of Art2Cure will go towards COVID-19-related research at UL.

Supporting the Arts and Biomedical Research

The Art2Cure events would not be possible without the talented artists participating in the exhibitions. The Art2Cure organization deeply appreciates the artists’ commitment to the cause and aims to support the artists in every way possible by providing beautiful spaces and a large network of art-interested visitors. Artworks are sold for market value, and revenues are split evenly between the cause and the artists. This concept is fundamentally different from that of a typical art auction or fundraiser where artists are often asked to donate art for free. The Art2Cure concept ensures a high-quality exhibition that draws a diverse crowd, including supporters of the cause as well as art collectors.