Sustainable development is the heart of Natura’s efforts Brasil

Sustainable development is the heart of Natura's efforts Brasil

Since its creation, sustainable development has been at the heart of Natura’s efforts. Forest conservation, waste reduction, climate protection, etc. Natura is committed to the planet every single day. But that’s not all we’re committed to. Discover all our commitments.

Conserving the forest:

  • For over 20 years , Natura has been trading ethically with communities in Brazil and particulary in the Amazon.
  • By buying Natura products , you are helping to improve the income of 2000 families in these Brazilian farming communities , a total of almost 8500 people .
  • And it also thanks to Natura products and the work of these communities that 1.8 million hectars of forest have been conserved , for sustainable resource use and abetter future for generation to come.

Protecting The Climate:

  • By choosing Natura and its 100% carbon neutral products , you are helping to combat global warming.
  • In fact Natura, a pioneer in sustainable development, has been 100% carbon neural since 2007. All carbon emissions related to the manufacture, transport and storage of our product in all countries where Natura operates are rigorously monitored . They are carefully   controlled to be as limited as possible each year and are systematically offset through reforestation initiatives, species preservation and environmental projects.
  • We prefer sea or river transportation ,which is less carbon intensive.


  • At Natura , a product must be designed as a hole : packing is often overlooked in ecological advances, but it also part of Natura’s commitment to sustainable development.
  • All plastics used in Natura Ekos range are 100% recycled or green plastic and therefore require far fewer resources  to manufacture , while avoiding a build-up of waste.
  • Green plastic used is made from sugar cane instead of of from petrochemicals and is increasingly used in our packaging.   This plant-based plastic is completely recyclable , has a positive carbon balance and is not derived from petrochemicals .
  • Lastly , for many years now, Natura has sold refills for jars to face moisturising products ,which , in addition to being cheaper for our customers , also generates less unnecessary waste.