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Sustainability - Schüco Chad - Schüco International KG

Global megatrends such as increasing urbanisation, the merging of work and private life, and growing environmental awareness are determining the future of the construction industry. The desire is for sustainable architecture that takes into account socio-cultural aspects to the same degree as economic and ecological qualities, with the aim of bringing people, space and the environment into harmony.

A key role is played by buildings that have a positive influence on the users through their visual, thermal, acoustic, ergonomic and hygienic qualities, and that also meet economic requirements for durability and profitability. This also means that buildings and construction products are considered in terms of their entire lifecycle, in order to retain and recycle the valuable raw materials after they have been used, by means of an optimum recycling process.

It is for precisely these sustainable buildings that Schüco is laying the foundations – with technologies and systems that focus on people and which are in harmony with nature. Whether aluminium, PVC-U or steel, Schüco systems always fulfil all of the fundamental principles of sustainable product development. They offer maximum design freedom and an outstanding appearance. They are also designed to ensure that they are fit for purpose, provide user comfort and energy efficiency, conserve resources and protect the climate. Furthermore, they are durable and recyclable.

Schüco goes one step further and takes responsibility for more than just its systems. The company supports investors, architects, building consultants and partners in all phases of sustainable building projects – from the initial idea through to the dismantling of a façade. This includes advice on certification, designs using sustainable systems, environmental product declarations and recycling the building envelope.

Cradle to Cradle® – circular value added

Cradle to Cradle stands for continuous material cycles and positively-defined materials which are not harmful to humans and the environment.

With the Cradle to Cradle design concept, or C2C for short, products are developed in such a way that no further waste accumulates or requires disposal in future. Technical materials are valuable resources and are fully recycled at a consistently high quality level following the usage phase of the products. Contents are systematically tested for potential harmful substances. The aim is to have consistently useful products for people and nature. C2C thereby paves the way for a new economic system in which innovation, quality and creativity are the focus. Today, several thousand products around the world which have been developed according to this principle are already demonstrating that this can work.

Actively managing quality, energy, the environment and health and safety at work are essential components of the Schüco company policy. The aim is to ensure that all products and services reflect high standards in all areas and processes.

As part of the Integrated Management Policy, Schüco International KG follows the requirements of the international standards for quality (DIN EN ISO 9001), environmental protection (DIN EN ISO 14001), energy management (DIN EN ISO 50001) and the legal guidelines on occupational health and safety.

All Schüco employees are obliged to observe the requirements of these standards and guidelines in order to ensure the welfare of our customers and business partners, our employees and the environment. The health and safety of our employees and a social responsibility to the public are key components of our company aim and are the responsibility of the executive management team.

Focusing on the people

The respective national legal and regulatory provisions are taken as minimum requirements here. The entire Schüco Group strives for a higher level of health, safety and environmental protection. Our employees and contract partners are responsible for implementing these basic principles in everyday work. Schüco encourages all employees to initiate and support innovations in system efficiency.

Schüco continuously improves its systems, work procedures and processes, in order to increase the quality of its products and services, and to fulfil the requirements of our customers. This includes, above all, protection of our employees and the environment. The scope of implementation and level of effectiveness of the management system will be checked regularly, thereby ensuring continual development that is tailored to requirements.Progress from conviction

As part of the management of quality, the environment, energy, health and safety, all procedures within a defined area of validity will be addressed. This extends from the procurement of goods and raw materials through to development, production, marketing, logistics and waste disposal. Quality management goes beyond merely completing the error handling procedure. Rather, it involves the principle of consistent error prevention. An important task of quality management is to reduce the cost of errors, which will also lead to improved results.

Protecting the environment, preventing damage to the environment and using existing energy resources efficiently represent another important component of the company policy. On the one hand, Schüco offers system solutions for a sustainable building design with its products. On the other, Schüco constantly strives to use energy more efficiently, either by reducing the amount of energy required or by optimising its consumption.

Living sustainability

Environmental protection and safety, economic success and social responsibility are of equal importance for Schüco. All employees must act on the basis of experience and an awareness of responsibility.

The executive management team of Schüco International KG will ensure that the resources necessary to achieve the desired aims are available. They are responsible for defining, implementing and structuringthe basic principles laid down here, and will continuously check and update them.