Sustainability Policy – Hey Iceland is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism

Sustainability Policy - Hey Iceland is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism

Hey Iceland is a travel agency, located in Iceland, and provides travelers with enjoyable and experience rich holidays in Iceland and abroad. The travel agency was founded by the Icelandic Farm Holidays Association and is still majority owned by farms through the association.

We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism, and domestically we work closely with the Icelandic Farm Holidays Association to provide travelers with meaningful connections to host communities in rural Iceland with emphasis on responsible travel in harmony with nature and local culture through all our operations.

International travel presents significant environmental challenges, and we recognize our responsibility in being part of the solution. We strive to continuously improve our performance in collaboration with our network of over 170 members, employees, and other partners. With this policy we commit to maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative environmental, economic, and social impacts of tourism in Iceland and other areas of our operations.

our activities in Iceland is :

Emphasize on improvements in operations and services, aiming to reduce harmful impact on the environment, including reduction of pollution by reducing the waste of assets, e.g. by reusing and recycling, along with saving energy and utilizing environmentally friendly materials,

Give preference to goods and services produced locally and with minimal environmental impact, which does not adversely affect Hey Iceland’s operational activities, viability and environmental and social impacts,

Hire employees living in the local area, whenever possible,

Seek further education in environmental matters and share information internally with other employees and with members of our network,

Inform customers of our environmental policy and encourage protection of the environment,

Work toward the distribution of tourists through time and space when organizing trips and if suitable,

Make the Sustainability Policy available on request to all interested parties and encourage them to participate in our efforts to protect the environment,

Fulfill the provisions of laws and regulations to which the company subscribes.

Here are some of our activities :

Stable Visit – An Introduction to the Icelandic Horse │ Icelandic Horse World

For those who don´t want to ride but do want to interact with and get to know more about the Icelandic horse, we offer a guided tour of the stable. Here you will get a chance to be around the horses, pet them to your heart’s content, take beautiful pictures and learn of their long history. Your guide will explain what makes them a truly unique breed of horses and you are free to ask any questions.

We also offer a horse rental for children, where they can help brushing a horse, try a bit of riding and small games as a guide assists them around the riding hall.

Under the Volcano – 4,5 hour Horse Riding Tour │ Icelandic Horse World

You will ride over rivers and have wonderful riding paths with breathtaking views of the volcano Hekla, glaciers, and the river Rangá. The landscape is diverse ranging from an Icelandic forest to lava fields, to soft grassy meadows. We will ride plenty of tölt, making short stops to rest the horses and give you a chance to take pictures. We take a lunch break at an old well where the soft grass invites you to lie down and enjoy the scenery.

We have called this ride under the volcano as you will have a view of Hekla and Eyjafjallajökull most of the way and you will be riding through landscape that has been shaped by the lava and ashes from previous volcanic eruptions. Apart from a lovely ride this is also a beautiful day in the Icelandic nature. A hot drink awaits when we return to Skeiðvellir and you have time to have a look round the stable before you depart.