Solidarity | Groupe FDJ has been faithful to original values of solidarity, responsibility and fairness

Solidarity | Groupe FDJ has been faithful to original values of solidarity responsibility and fairness

For more than 80 years, FDJ has been faithful to its original values of solidarity, responsibility and fairness. Its position as the leading partner of French sports and the support of the FDJ Corporate Foundation for public interest projects illustrate its strong and lasting societal commitment.

DJ Corporate Foundation

The initiatives of the FDJ Corporate Foundation for the five-year period from 2018-2022 are aimed at developing equal opportunities by using games in all their forms. Two areas have been chosen for a more specific focus: the education and inclusion of people experiencing hardship, for whatever reason (disability, economic, social or cultural vulnerability, etc.), in an approach designed to restore their confidence in their potential and help them recover their place in society through fun and participatory programmes.

The FDJ Corporate Foundation has an endowment of €18 million for the coming five years. It also continues to invest specifically in the integration and reintegration of people with disabilities.

In 2019, it provided support to close to 65 charities and their local projects through four calls for projects: two under the heading Tremplins Associations Locales for charities, one Tremplin Détaillants Solidaires for distributors, and one Tremplin Collaborateurs Solidaires for employees.


FDJ has for many years been committed to the development of French sport and the promotion of its values, in particular in terms of ethics and inclusiveness (support for female sport and disabled sports).

Women’s sports

FDJ’s firm commitment to gender equality is also reflected in the Company’s initiatives in the field of sport, namely the Sport pour Elles programme launched in 2016 based on four priority pillars:

  • Encourage women who do not play sport to take it upSupporti elite women’s sport;
  • Support the media coverage of women’s sport;
  • Soutenir la médiatisation du sport féminin
  • Mobilise networks (both social and professional) to change mentalities around the place of sport in women’s lives.

Support for elite athletes

Building on the Challenge programme’s 28 years of existence, FDJ has sought to extend its support system for elite athletes, especially ahead of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games, which will take place in France. The new and more ambitious support offered to athletes in their Olympic and Paralympic preparation for 2022 and 2024 will allow them to prepare for their major sporting events with less anxietyand also to prepare for professional retraining.

The FDJ Sport Factory, launched in December 2019, will bring together 27 elite athletes, including 11 women (44% of the programme) practising an individual discipline in an Olympic or Paralympic sport, as well as an incubator for 30 hopeful athletes.

In addition to the financial endowment, all athletes joining the FDJ Sport Factory or the Incubator, will benefit from support in the management of their high-level career, in the form of an annual seminar. Athletes will also receive support in their training and will be able to benefit from access to the Sciences Po programme for elite athletes and other training programmes provided by prestigious higher education institutions with which partnerships are under construction.


Mission Patrimoine was launched in 2018 and provides for the donation of proceeds of games sold by the Company to the French national heritage foundation Fondation du Patrimoine (269 sites were funded under the first edition).

The second edition of the operation in 2019 was highlighted by two key events: the first was the Loto® draw on Bastille Day; the second was the issue of scratch cards (costing €3 and €15) to mark the European Heritage Days. An estimated €25 million is expected to be donated to the French national heritage foundation for the second edition by June 2020, which is more than for the 2018 edition. In continental France and the French overseas territories, 121 endangered heritage sites have been selected by the mission led by Stéphane Bern, and will receive the funds raised by FDJ during the second edition of the Mission Patrimoine games.