SDGs: Algeria on right path

SDGs: Algeria on right path

The Algerian delegation participating in the Regional Forum on Building Capacity to Monitor the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Targets (SDGs), which started in Amman, affirmed that Algeria was on the right path in the achievement of SDGs by 2030.

In his address to the participants, the member of the Council of the Nation, Abdelouahab Benzaim, said that “Algeria is committed to achieve the sustainable development’s goals implemented by the United Nations for the year 2030, pointing out that it is on the right path thanks to its  social and economic development policies that meet the needs of citizens and social justice “.

The senator highlighted Algeria’s achievements in the field of democracy, health, education, housing and strengthening national solidarity and equality between men and women.

For her part, the Deputy Director of Demographic Surveillance at the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Nadia Djeraoune, highlighted Algeria’s efforts to achieve SDG.

Organized by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with its Regional Office for the Arab States and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the three-day forum aims to review the outcomes of the International Conference on Population and Development in Arab Countries.