RBA Foundation: Responsible Labor Initiative

RBA Foundation: Responsible Labor Initiative

RBA Foundation approach to corporate social responsibility aligns with the social, environmental and economic principles of the Compact.

RBA Foundation progress against commitments

In recent years we have made valuable progress in many of these areas.

As we build on that progress and further develop our CSR strategy, we are taking further steps. Our first priority is living up to our social responsibility.

Appreciation of all our employees:

  • Ayming’s business is based on human capital. It is through our employees’ skills and expertise, and their dedication to boosting the performance of our clients, that we create value. To sustain our success, we must continue to invest in this human resource.
  • In our view, our employees are much more than just a resource. That’s why we do everything we can to reinvent HR, to reflect and maintain Ayming’s culture.
  • We are aware that interpersonal relationships are the key to the development of Ayming’s work and to our success as a company.
  • Like the Ayming Group itself, our Human Resources department must be a centre of innovation, i.e. attracting and retaining a wide range of talents, transforming our activities and ensuring our leadership in terms of social responsibility.

HR and Innovation:

  • Our HR team organises a series of initiatives, in particular:
  • the collaboration with start-ups, schools and universities with scientific backgrounds, clients and charitable foundations.
  • the creation of a career path that provides employees with a clear picture of their prospects and encourages mobility, whether it is geographical, horizontal or vertical.
  • even more forward-looking talent management, which includes the assessment of skills, new training methods, as well as feedback and “upward feedback” between employees and managers at local level, on an ongoing basis.

Women and diversity:

  • Our main focus now is on diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace.
  • Women outnumber men (by 56% to 44%) at Ayming. We continue to work to increase the number of women in leadership positions.
  • In May 2018 we launched #IWILL – our International Women in Leadership Lab. This project aims to enhance gender diversity and make Ayming an even greater place to work.
  • The members of our working group – all extraordinary women working across the group –are designing new initiatives to promote diversity. These will be based on best practices across the group and in other sectors, reflecting the lessons from our participation in the Women’s Forum on ‘bridging the gap’ in Toronto and Paris.

Other initiatives include:

  • Launching a #BossOfMyWorklife programme – encouraging people to take responsibility for their own destiny, and present their professional dream to a careers committee
  • ‘Job Dating’: potential job candidates spend four hours with our teams, taking part in a creative workshops, speed interviews and other activities. This dynamic format for matching talents and roles, which we are rolling out to all countries, has resulted in a success rate of more than 85%
  • Helping employees pursue international career opportunities through two-year secondments (modelled on France’s VIE)
  •  Partnering with schools to attract young talent and develop their employability
  • A work placement programme to give students an introduction to the working world

Economic & environmental:

  • Eliminating corruption is one of the core aims of the UN Compact. Having previously issued a code of conduct to remind all Ayming employees of our commitment to integrity, we ran a communications campaign and have introduced a warning system for risks of corruption.
  • Transport is a major generator of greenhouse gas emissions. Encouraging our people to work from home helps cut commuting trips as well, as promoting a healthier work/life balance.
  • We have drawn up a mobility plan to encourage staff to switch to sustainable modes of transport, and commissioned an assessment of our carbon footprint and an energy audit. The findings will inform our developing strategy.
  • In the meantime, we are supporting efforts to absorb carbon in the atmosphere through tree planting. Treedom is a Certified B Corporation that pays local farmers around the world to plant trees and then monitors them.