Prague is a really sustainable city

Prague is a really sustainable city

Prague is actually a really sustainable city. Prague’s Green Guide authors share their insights into what makes the city eco-friendly.

There’s widespread recycling, a large amount of public green spaces and nearby nature reserves, several energy efficient buildings (including some of the hotels in our guide) and an excellent public transport system.

Biking isn’t yet widespread as a form of transport due to hills and lacking bike lanes, but thanks to local initiatives promoting urban cycling and bike sharing, it’s on the increase. Though it would have been quite a challenge 10-20 years ago, it’s now possible to find a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and organic food and other products in Prague.

We think awareness is rising, and with that, several businesses have sprung up offering people greener alternatives.

There are now a range of farmer’s markets, organic grocery stores, bike rental and sharing options, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, electric car rental services and renewable energy providers.

Several designers are focused on local production using sustainable or recycled materials. For example, there are brands making accessories from upcycled seatbelts and bike inner-tubes and other materials that would otherwise be sent to the incinerator or landfill.

Other brands are working with hemp, which can be grown locally using lower amounts of water, energy, pesticides and fertiliser. There are a number of local designers refreshing and spicing up vintage Czech products, including bikes, clothes, accessories, furniture and records.