Monbat actively participates in and supports various CSR Programs

Monbat actively participates in and supports various CSR Programs

Monbat actively supports Bulgaria’s cultural heritage as part of the group’s cultural identity. Traditional local values such as respectful treatment of all peoples, religions and faiths, as well as an acceptance of our responsibility to promote honorable intentions and actions, are all recognized as underlying pillars of modern business at Monbat.

Some of the projects are designed to uphold its moral and financial support to the Bulgarian Communities abroad and to the Christian Sanctuaries.

Monbat encourages the discovery and development of different talents and supports initiatives in cultural and scientific spheres that provoke and stimulate creative potential.

For Monbat, success is not only about achieving business goals; it also greatly values the prosperity of all stakeholders and local communities. The group initiates and supports projects in all regions in which it operates, in a continuous dialogue with people, municipalities and various organizations working for the development of their communities.

Monbat partners various organizations to implement sports initiatives and programs , aimed at developing diverse sports and sport culture among children and young people.

Monbat follows its strategy of supporting areas of great value for society, attaching particularly importance to science. Involvement in scientific projects, forums and seminars is an invaluable business contribution because it enables the development of research potential.

Monbat actively supports efforts to improve the business climate, in line with the economic group’s policy of building and sustaining a successful and enduring market presence. Monbat’s understanding of sustainability is integrated within the company’s structure and follows corporate values, notably the drive to excel and do so with agility, quality and integrity. In line with these principles, Monbat cooperates with different organizations in a bid to enhance a sustainable business environment and amplify good practices and partnership in the professional world.